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Marriage Campaign Blog

July 20 – Queens, New York

This morning we campaigned for true marriage at a busy intersection in Queens, New York. Immediately after we prayed our customary prayer, three Hail Marys and invocations to Saint Michael and Saint Joseph, our caravan patron, the positive honks started … Continue reading

July 20 – Downtown Buffalo, New York

Downtown Buffalo, New York No sooner had we arrived than a lady who recognized us from Saturday’s campaign approached. She took a flyer already but wanted to know more about our organization and was very favorable to our ideals. Two … Continue reading

July 19 – Brunswick, Maine

After Mass and a hearty breakfast hosted by a local friend, we went to a town called Brunswick. We picked a busy corner close to a mall and Highway 1, the scenic road that goes all the way from Maine … Continue reading

July 17 – Jamestown, New York

We did a lunch-hour campaign in front of a Wal-Mart at a moderately busy intersection. The initial response was not as good as Corning but it quickly picked up. We had several people show very strong opposition and although we … Continue reading

July 17 – White Plains, New York

Downtown White Plains was a perfect location for campaign. People walked up and down the street by the Galleria shopping area and car traffic was plentiful. Our message in favor of traditional marriage reached a lot of people today. Since … Continue reading

July 16 – Corning, New York

Campaigned for 40 minutes. We didn’t hand out too many fliers but we did get loads of positive response. Before we even finished our initial prayers for the beginning of the campaign, passers-by began honking their horns. The impression was … Continue reading

July 16 – On the road for God’s marriage

After traditional marriage was victorious in California, the homosexual movement revved up its efforts to force same-sex “marriage” on New York and the New England states. In face of this new threat against the family, the TFP launched three caravans. … Continue reading

Oct 24 – Downtown Orlando

“I work at the bank on the sixth floor and my co-workers told me I should come down to see you, so I came down.” Visibly pleased with the TFP campaign for traditional marriage, the black lady continued: “This financial … Continue reading

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