Oct 25 – University of Florida, Gainsville

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Oct 25 - University of Florida, Gainsville

Yesterday afternoon we campaigned in Gainesville near the mall. It rained. But we remained at the intersection as long as we could, one hour or so. After all, we are not made of sugar. However, our main concern was to protect the signs and banners from water damage. Today the weather improved slightly and we found swarms of people cluttering the sidewalks of University Avenue making their way to the college football game at the University of Florida, Gainesville. Our banners and signs were very visible to thousands of people. And of course, the honking started immediately.

“I support you. This world is getting crazy, too crazy,” said a gentleman accompanied by his little daughter. “Stay strong guys. Marriage needs to stay one man, one woman – FOREVER!”

A short time later, another man passed by saying: “You’re awesome.”

“I agree with you 1000%”
Two men walked down the sidewalk in our direction. After I briefly explained the campaign to them, one said: “I agree with you 100%.” Then modifying his initial statement, he added: “No, no, no… I agree with you 1,000%! Keep up the good fight!”

When offered TFP fliers, many pedestrians would say: “You don’t need to convince me. I’m with you already! At noon, the football game started and the streets became less crowded so we moved on to visit St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest city.

Applause for traditional marriage
We arrived in St. Augustine just in time for confession at the Catholic Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, America’s oldest parish, established by Spanish settlers in 1565. When I entered the historic church, a well-dressed usher approached me: “Is your group going to speak from the pulpit at Mass today? I wish you would. You have such a fine group of young men.” I explained that we were merely passing through town and were not scheduled to give a presentation. He was very pleased with the TFP’s tour for traditional marriage in Florida and wanted everyone in church to hear about it.

Mass at the basilica was well attended and the priest gave a forceful sermon about the importance of protecting traditional marriage. After the priest finished his homily, the church erupted in spontaneous applause.

As I was making my thanksgiving in the pew, a lady approached and asked me what group I represented. She was a pro-life activist and became very excited to learn about the work of the TFP and requested fliers to distribute in St. Augustine.

At the door of the Church, the priest greeted us effusively. Patting TFP volunteers on the back, he insisted: “What you are doing is so important. Keep it up and leave a stack of fliers at the rectory, please, before you go.”

To send the TFP volunteers a message, write to [email protected]

Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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