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How China Uses Its Citizens as Lab Rats

China’s disregard for human life and its irresponsible spread of the Chinese coronavirus allows for the unexpected. It is not surprising that Beijing is now using its citizens as laboratory rats in coronavirus vaccine trials. Irresponsible vaccine testing on humans … Continue reading

How Looters Will Make Slaves of Us All

Rioting and looting are happening in many places across America. All it takes is a small incident, and protesters suddenly lay waste to downtown areas and take merchandise from businesses. Many decry the actions as lamentable. Some blame the problem … Continue reading

How These Elections Put Us In Apocalyptic Times

Our elections are taking on sinister overtones. Each one is billed as the most important of our lifetime. And each one is the most important—until the next election. The unraveling political processes bring our Armageddon each time closer. Thus, we … Continue reading

America Must Not Abandon Europe

During his visit to Warsaw in July 2017, President Donald Trump gave one of the best speeches of his presidency. Addressing the people of Poland in front of the Warsaw Uprising memorial, he made a rallying cry for Western civilization: … Continue reading

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