Events of 2000

TFP Spokesman Cites Need for Clarification

American TFP spokesman Preston Noell claimed clarification is needed on an interdisciplinary course on homosexuality to be offered at Villanova University near Philadelphia. In a statement to The Villanova Times, Mr. Noell noted “the academic niceties” of a course description … Continue reading

TFP Lecture on Facts and Myths on the Amazon

A lecture was delivered by Professor Everisto de Miranda, Ph.D., on September 20 at the National Press Club, Washington DC, on the Amazon Rainforest. Prof. Miranda received his Master and Doctoral degrees in Ecology at the University of Sciences and … Continue reading

American TFP Summer Program

The TFP’s Summer Programs have always been popular events. Boys from across the country eagerly look forward to them each and every year. The considerable enrollment for this summer’s program necessitated holding two separate sessions, one from June 15 – … Continue reading