Events of 2002

A Wake-up Call for the West

The most recent Chinese import scandal is settling down, but the affair has again raised questions about the privileged treatment the West pays to the communist country. This includes: granting them “most favored nation” trade status, increasing importation of substandard … Continue reading

American Catholics Reject BBC Pseudo-Documentary

The American press announced reports about The Virgin Mary, a British Broadcasting Company (BBC) “documentary” insulting the virginity of Our Lady shortly before Christmas. The pseudo-documentary explored three alternatives to the Incarnation of the Word, the perpetual virginity of Mary … Continue reading

Two Different Worlds at Two Mommies Protest

Separated by a long police barrier, two groups representing two different worlds assembled at Davis Square on the frigid afternoon of Saturday, December 7, in Somerville, Mass. What was about to take place? The Somerville Theater was about to present … Continue reading

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