A New Year’s Call to Chivalry

A New Year’s Call to Chivalry 3

For the participants of the 2006 TFP Call to Chivalry winter camp, the year ended well. Though shorter than TFP summer camps, it was a good opportunity to meet together and refresh the ideals that unite those struggling to be Catholic young men. This year’s camp was especially privileged with a visit … Read more

Finding the True Spirit of Christmas

Finding the True Spirit of Christmas 2

On December 17, around 300 local supporters, friends and neighbors of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) met at the group’s national headquarters in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania for its annual Christmas Open House. This year’s open house was especially privileged by the presence of His Highness … Read more

TFP Members Lecture in Kansas and Miami

TFP Members Lecture in Kansas and Miami 2

Kansans might have thought they had heard everything about the “Little Way” of Saint Thérèse. Many were surprised when attending a lecture given at two venues by TFP member Norman Fulkerson, titled: “Applying the Little Way of Saint Thérèse to Our Fatima Times.” Forty-five people attended a December 7 meeting in Topeka, … Read more

Talking About History in Topeka

Talking About History in Topeka

“History, Tradition and Education” was the theme of the Eleventh Foundations of Education Symposium held on November 10 at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. The one-day event was organized by the school’s Prof. G. Daniel Harden who put together an exciting program attended by students, teachers, scholars, officials and concerned citizens. In … Read more

Student Action in Louisiana

During the week of October 20-27, Tradition Family Property Student Action members toured the southern state of Louisiana to meet like-minded students and oppose abortion and moral relativism on college campuses. While many students reject the sin of abortion, their liberal professors intimidate and stifle students’ moral convictions. TFP Student Action strives … Read more

TFP Student Action Hosts Weekend Event

The school year is back in full swing and TFP Student Action is ready to face another season of discussions, protests and events. With this in mind, the group organized an informal weekend event, from November 3-5 for around ten of its closer student friends, to discuss current events from the perspective … Read more

Fighting Back at Halloween

Fighting Back at Halloween 2

It only takes a few determined people to make a difference. Concerned TFP supporters were both shocked and disgusted to hear of an obscene priest costume available at the store in the local mall where children of all ages pick out their Halloween costumes. They decided to do something about it. At … Read more

New Battle of Gettysburg at College

Tradition Family Property Student Action’s presence stirred up heated discussion at Gettysburg College on Monday, October 16. The event was considered by some students as a different sort of Battle of Gettysburg, a peaceful battle of ideas in defense of innocent life. Abortion was challenged. The “10 Reasons Why Abortion is Wrong” … Read more

Getting Back to Basics: 2006 TFP National Conference

Getting Back to Basics: 2006 TFP National Conference 2

""""[vc_column_text] In complex times, it is good to go back to simple basics. There is a need to review fundamental principles, methods of action and tactics. It is good to gather together scattered friends from across the country to take stock and make future plans. With this in mind, nearly 280 supporters, … Read more

A Week in the Life of the American TFP

A Week in the Life of the American TFP 8

Everyone likes to hear about big events. However, few measure the full importance of the small ones. Little by little, brick by brick, one builds the foundations and walls of a building. So also an organization builds its networks and makes its impact over public opinion. Such small but important events so … Read more