No Time Out for Christmas!

No Time Out for Christmas! 2

Not even Christmas is sacred. Time magazine cites authors that call into question the circumstances of Our Lord’s birth. It seems there is no time out in the nation’s Cultural War. Not even Christmas is sacred. The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is protesting Time magazine’s … Read more

Protesting Two Mommies in Portland

Protesting Two Mommies in Portland 1

When we found out that the blasphemous production, “Jesus Has Two Mommies” was playing in Portland Oregon on December 1, we knew immediately that we had to protest. It was a point of honor, We can not let Our Lady and the Holy Family go undefended. So, after gathering some necessary materials, … Read more

Hunting with God’s Majestic Birds of Prey

Hunting with God’s Majestic Birds of Prey 2

On Sunday, December 5, a group of more than 60 TFP supporters and friends, mostly fathers and sons, gathered for a falconry exhibition organized by the TFP’s Louisiana Director Thomas Drake. After Mass, attendees gathered for lunch at a restaurant and then headed to the Feliciana Retreat Center about an hour outside … Read more

Students Welcome Our Lady at St. Mary’s College

Students at St. Mary’s College in Orchard Lake, Michigan, warmly welcomed Our Lady of Fatima’s statue to their campus on November 23. Escorted by members of TFP Student Action, this beautiful statue made a profound impression on those who saw her. It is one of many pilgrim statues traveling the country thanks … Read more

Petition for Traditional Marriage at Millersville University

Petition for Traditional Marriage at Millersville University

On Monday, November 15, three TFP volunteers traveled to Millersville University near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, their latest stop to defend traditional marriage on university campuses. Alvaro Zapata, and James Bascom manned a table outside the cafeteria at the Student Memorial Center. Showing great interest, hundreds of students visited the TFP’s table to talk … Read more

This is Not Funny Mr. Ritcher

This is Not Funny Mr. Ritcher

When graphic designer Scott Ritcher was recently asked why he had made a blasphemous representation of the Sacred Heart with the face of former President Bill Clinton, he responded: “It was just one of those creative moments where you’re just like ‘Oh wouldn’t this be funny?’” However, his attempt at humor has … Read more

Opposing Abortion at George Washington University

It was a rather humdrum morning at George Washington University on Monday, November 15. The students’ dull mood quickly changed into joy or ire, however, after members of TFP Student Action arrived on campus to oppose abortion, the wholesale slaughter of innocent human life. The TFP’s campaign was impossible to ignore. A … Read more

Letter to the President – 2004

The Honorable George W. Bush President of the United States of America The White House 1600Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20500 Dear Mr. President: On behalf of the American TFP’s directors, members and supporters I congratulate you for Tuesday’s election victory. In this election, America’s moral and cultural configuration was at stake … Read more