TFP to Hollywood Theatre: Blaspheming Mary Most Holy is Not Family Entertainment!

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After massive protests last year, the Somerville Theater in Massachusetts will not be hosting its third annual staging of the lesbian “rock opera” Jesus Has Two Mommies. However, a film version of the play is slated to show on Wednesday December 1 at the Hollywood Theatre, in Portland, Oregon.1

Jesus Has Two Mommies mocks the Virgin Birth, the Holy Family, and shows the Child Jesus born to two lesbians, Mary and Josephine. The opera portrays Mary and Josephine’s affair at a lesbian bar as the “real Christmas story.”

According to press reports: “Luckily the trio is up to the challenge. The trio consisted of God…Jesus and the angel Gay-briel…Blessing Faith [Faith Solowary, the author] with a Psalm Pilot, they present the real story of Jesus’ birth and life. It all started at ‘the hottest lesbian spot in all of Nazareth — The Burning Bush.’ Among the patrons of this bar are a local carpenter named Josephina…and the newcomer Mary…the couple ignites immediately.” (Out in the Mountains, Jan-2002).

The play is slated for The Hollywood Theatre whose web site claims that they provide “family entertainment.”1 Such a blatant attack on the Faith can hardly be considered family entertainment.

In response, the TFP website is coordinating a massive e-campaign to motivate its subscribers to action. “We protested the play when it showed in Somerville. I hope that we can encourage our subscribers to send instant protest emails to the Hollywood Theatre,” said TFP Webmaster John Horvat. “According to their web site, the Hollywood Theatre claims to provide family entertainment. We hope to send them a big message that blaspheming the purity of Mary Most Holy is unacceptable, and certainly not family entertainment.”



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