Why We Protested Against a Blasphemous and R-Rated “Circus”

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Why We Protested Against a Blasphemous and R-Rated “Circus”
America Needs Fatima supporters recently protested the blasphemous “Paranormal Cirque” that stopped in Topeka, Kansas.

America Needs Fatima supporters recently held a rally of reparation and protest in Topeka, Kansas. The target was a strange traveling event called “Paranormal Cirque.” Local news stations favorably covered the July 7-9 event like a normal circus.

The local activists soon discovered there was nothing normal about this “paranormal circus.” The show was R-rated, and no one under 13 would be admitted. Obviously, the performance contained objectionable material, even by today’s standards.

Indeed, the show contains four categories of grave public offenses against God that merited protest.

First of all, this circus is blasphemous. Men are dressed in the religious habits of nuns simulating immoral acts. That is a blasphemy because it insults and attacks the sacred.

Secondly, this circus is full of Satanic influences and imagery. Spectators could see Satanic symbols like the pentagram in prominent display. Some performers wear devil horns.

Thirdly, this circus contains immoral content with scantily-clad women, obscene gestures and language and the simulation of sinful acts.

Finally, this circus is macabre. There are scenes simulating torture and death in the show.

All these grave moral dangers were the reasons for the public protest. The large group of Catholics alerted the local population of what was happening in their city. Many were unaware of the three daily performances held over three days.

Paranormal Cirque combines blasphemy, public immorality, the culture of death and the public acceptance of Satanism. In our current society, events like the circus mainstream these gravely offensive acts as acceptable in real life and on the public square.

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The local activists mobilized on short notice and held a Public Square Rosary Rally of Reparation and Protest at a nearby intersection. The rally was timed to occur between performances. Thus, they were assured of maximum exposure from the circus goers and the regular highway traffic.

The public reaction was one of the strongest the group had ever seen. Residents expressed themselves with honks, thumbs up, waves and words of thanks. At the same time, never were there more “Hail Satans” and obscene gestures as at this rally.

The waters were divided. The rally forced every passerby to choose between God or Satan.

Despite the non-stop opposition, rally participants were happy to defend the honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lady, the Catholic Church and Christian civilization.

Paranormal Cirque is still on the road all across America. May this report encourage others to organize protests. Concerned Americans and Catholics cannot allow events like this to happen without reaction, rejection and reparation.

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