Events of 2002

Good Manners and Social Graces

In an attempt to help stem the tide of ugliness, vulgarity, and downright rudeness which floods our post-modern society, our Louisiana chapter sponsored two-day events for mothers and daughters titled Good Manners and Social Graces. From November 17 – 23, … Continue reading

Viva Cristo Rey on Hollywood Boulevard

On November 14, Hollywood Boulevard was home to an out-of-character event when 125 Catholics assembled at Galaxy Theaters for a rally of peaceful protest and reparation hosted by the American TFP’s America Needs Fatima campaign. The protesters assembled to voice … Continue reading

Speaking of Splendors Past

A political electoral change is limited without a corresponding cultural change. These were the sentiments of TFP speaker Mario Navarro da Costa in talks given during a November 8-10 Kansas tour. Mr. da Costa was the luncheon speaker at the … Continue reading

Tell your Senator to Vote Against CEDAW

The United States is rightly gaining a reputation as the greatest obstacle to radically leftist United Nations’ initiatives. From the Kyoto protocol to the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (CFR), American resistance is an enormous hindrance to … Continue reading

TFP Gathers to Discuss Church and Nation

On the October 13 weekend, the American TFP gathered together over 200 members, supporters and friends of Fatima, for a series of meetings linked to the internal situation of the Church and the nation. Held at the TFP’s headquarters in … Continue reading

TFP Student Action on the Air at GWU

When the subject of communism comes up on campus, TFP Student Action has something to say. That is why Adam Ramey, producer and host of The Right Way radio program invited TFP representatives on his Wednesday night program on George … Continue reading

Stirring up the Windy City

Throwing mud at the Catholic Church has become fashionable. Whether it be blasphemous artwork, insulting movies or sacrilegious plays, open anti-Catholicism is wide-spread and ever present. Convinced that this is due to Catholics failing to stand up for their beliefs, … Continue reading

ANF Mails out its 2003 Fatima Calendar

America Needs Fatima is now mailing its 2003 Fatima calendar to its 265,000 members across the country. Throughout the years, the Fatima calendar has always been a favorite among Fatima supporters. Superimposing America’s breathtaking scenery with an image of Our … Continue reading

The Chicago Reader Blasphemy

The funny papers are not always funny. This is apparent from a horribly offensive anti-Catholic comic strip appearing in The Chicago Reader. In response, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is launching, through its … Continue reading

A Summer Course in the Shadow of Chartres

Finding something exciting to do over summer vacation was not difficult for those students attending the Université d’été. This summer university course of the French Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) was held at the Château … Continue reading

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