TFP Student Action on the Air at GWU

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When the subject of communism comes up on campus, TFP Student Action has something to say. That is why Adam Ramey, producer and host of The Right Way radio program invited TFP representatives on his Wednesday night program on George Washington University radio (WRGW). He and his regular panel make it a point to talk about topics that concern the conservative movement.

On September 26, the topic was defining communism and its current threat to America. TFP Student Action members Michael Drake and Rex Teodosio were the special guests.

Michael Drake started by defining communism. “Communism is total state control of production and distribution,” he noted. Rex Teodosio reminds listeners that “communism and socialism are not just about forms of government,” he stated. “They are ideological systems,” he said. “As Catholics, we believe that communism is not just a bad form of government, it is intrinsically evil in theory and in application,” he continued

Later in the discussion, the panel was asked what threat communism poses to United States. A panelist suggested that communism has died and, therefore, no longer poses a threat. Mr. Drake clarified the point. “We [in the TFP] never believed that communism has died or no longer posed a threat to Western civilization,” he said. “We see the new anti-globalist socialism and other movements as the metamorphosis of communism,” he continued.

Mr. Teodosio stressed the political situation in South America as a probable threat. He pointed out the economic and political instability in that region brought about by the left. “If South America becomes communist, we run the risk of being isolated,” he stated.

The George Washington University radio (WRGW) is broadcasted locally at 540 AM and through the Internet by typing

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