The Stunning Story of Blessed José

In 1927, Catholic Mexico was immersed in a violent storm of religious persecution. The President of Mexico at that time was a despot named Plutarco Calles. His hatred for the Church had no limits. He killed priests and burned churches. … Continue reading

Attacked by Tolerance

  Watch this video on How Same-sex “Marriage” Advocates use Violence Against Traditional Marriage Supporters In this newly released video, volunteers with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) describe how they were violently … Continue reading

Home Depot Pushes Homosexual Sin to Children

According to news reports from the American Family Association •  In the 2010 annual homosexual pride festival of Central Pennsylvania, Home Depot had workshops geared towards children •  An “OK Gay Daddy” hosted The Home Depot workshop for children •  … Continue reading

Jesuit University Deletes 2 Abortion Links

After weeks of peaceful protest, the Catholic University of Detroit Mercy has removed two links to abortion provider Planned Parenthood that were listed on its web site. “I’m very happy to verify that the links to Planned Parenthood were deleted,” … Continue reading

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