Defend Our Lady’s Honor

The lesbian “rock opera” Jesus Has Two Mommies will show December 6-7 at the Somerville Theatre in Somerville Mass., four miles north of Boston. Jesus Has Two Mommies mocks the Virgin Birth, the Holy Family, and shows the Child Jesus … Continue reading

Stirring up the Windy City

Throwing mud at the Catholic Church has become fashionable. Whether it be blasphemous artwork, insulting movies or sacrilegious plays, open anti-Catholicism is wide-spread and ever present. Convinced that this is due to Catholics failing to stand up for their beliefs, … Continue reading

ANF Mails out its 2003 Fatima Calendar

America Needs Fatima is now mailing its 2003 Fatima calendar to its 265,000 members across the country. Throughout the years, the Fatima calendar has always been a favorite among Fatima supporters. Superimposing America’s breathtaking scenery with an image of Our … Continue reading

Catholics Rally at ABC Protest

When a few dozen protesters appeared in front of Boston’s Catholic Cathedral to protest local scandals, major media coverage could not have been greater. However, when over two hundred protesters appeared on the same weekend on a media giant’s doorstep, … Continue reading

Offending Catholics at ABC

It seems major media cannot offend Catholics enough. ABC recently aired graphic sexual insults against God and jokes about the virgin birth of Jesus, the Church and the Eucharist on the Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher show. In response, the … Continue reading

Relief for Fatima Custodians

Through the exceptional generosity of America Needs Fatima members, four of Our Lady’s Fatima custodians received newer model vans with lower mileage in order to continue the important home visitation program. “You cannot imagine what a relief it is to … Continue reading

Facing New Challenges in 2002

In its biggest year ever, America Needs Fatima is sending out over 210,000 membership packages during this holiday season. The package includes a membership card containing a beautiful picture of Our Lady of Fatima, superimposed over an American flag. It … Continue reading