TFP Director calls for Redoubled Efforts in Disney Boycott

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Earlier this year, the American TFP and its affiliate America Needs Fatima campaign launched its Disney boycott with hard-hitting protest flyers. The reason for the action was the anti-family programming now promoted by the once family-friendly filmmaker. Disney has often used different companies in its vast media empire to this end.

TFP Director calls for Redoubled Efforts in Disney Boycott
Protest in front of the Disney Studios, Burbank, California.

“Over the summer, our boycott effort has intensified,” Mr. Ritchie continued in his December 1 statement. “People are tired of seeing blasphemy, adultery and unnatural vice portrayed on the airwaves and movie theaters.”Mr. Ritchie hopes to send out as many as one million more flyers to activists in the field. Fatima “proclaimers” have passed out literature all over the country. American TFP members are also passing out these flyers in street campaignsHe stressed that this campaign like all similar campaigns has been peaceful and legal. He said he has received letters and calls from people who have exercise their right to join the boycott and even sold off their Disney stock.”Our Lady at Fatima warned the world to amend its ways. We cannot be quiet. All Catholics need to stand up and be counted.”

Reasons for the Boycott

American TFP’s instant impact flyers are being spread far and wide. The message is clear.

The flyer reads:
“But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.”-Matt. 18:6

Disney, once a trusted source of wholesome family entertainment, is now attacking its very existence.

Did you know that each time we buy from Disney, we help destroy the family?

Here are a few examples of what our dollars have produced:

  1.  Disney-owned ABC launched the lesbian television program Ellen.
  2.  Disney World in Orlando hosts a GAY DAY celebration that turns Disney premises into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrha.
  3. Disney-owned Hyperion Press published Growing Up Gay which promotes unnatural vice.
  4.  Disney-owned Miramax produced the movie Priest that presents the degenerate life of a homosexual priest.
  5. Disney-owned Miramax produced the blasphemous movie Dogma that attacks the virginity of Holy Mary and Saint Joseph. It portrays their supposed descendant, Bethany, working in an abortion clinic.

Don’t you think we’ve had enough? It’s time for Catholics to join this peaceful and legal Disney boycott! Violence of any type has no place here.