How China Uses Its Citizens as Lab Rats

China’s disregard for human life and its irresponsible spread of the Chinese coronavirus allows for the unexpected. It is not surprising that Beijing is now using its citizens as laboratory rats in coronavirus vaccine trials. Irresponsible vaccine testing on humans … Continue reading

Hollywood Hypocrisy and the Green Oscars

No group gives itself more awards than Hollywood actors. Although they may be very talented and hardworking as actors, that does not make them authorities on climate change. As with most things, Hollywood’s eco-message is out of touch with mainstream … Continue reading

Silence the Opposition, Control the Narrative

Contrary viewpoints used to be welcomed in a rational debate. In the clash of ideas, people won others over to their position. Those seeking the truth had an opportunity to find it. Today, the situation has changed radically. Emotions, feelings … Continue reading

Why Red Flag Laws Should Raise Red Flags

Red Flag gun laws have been passed in seventeen states and demonstrate a serious disregard for probable cause and due process. These laws allow authorities to seize guns from individuals based on as little as a complaint from a girlfriend … Continue reading

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