July 16 – On the road for God’s marriage

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After traditional marriage was victorious in California, the homosexual movement revved up its efforts to force same-sex “marriage” on New York and the New England states. In face of this new threat against the family, the TFP launched three caravans. I think it is very significant that on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we began our first campaign for traditional marriage in New York.
“Finally, some real men!” said one passerby from his car, visibly relieved to see TFP volunteers in Nanuet, rallying support for God’s marriage.

A little while later, a pro-homosexual individual came over to tell us to leave the area, adding: “Don’t you know this is a diverse area?” To which a TFP volunteer responded: “Great. If this is a diverse area, you should be happy we are here presenting our diverse opinion on this issue.”

Our demonstration at the intersection was successful. The signs and banner were visible and when people saw them, they immediately smiled and showed distinct relief. We saw so many facial expressions communicating the same idea: “Finally, someone is doing somthing about this.”

As we loaded the van in a nearby parking lot after the campaign, a Vietnam veteran pulled up and asked: “Are you the men who were standing at the intersection earlier? I give you a lot of credit because what you are doing is tough.” He was wounded in action while serving in Vietnam as an airborne infantry soldier, yet he seemed to be more concerned about the present state of the United States. “Our country is moving so fast toward Communism. Some people use the word Socialism. We are not becoming a Socialist country, we are becoming a Communist country and its happening faster than everyone could have ever imagined,” he said.

Please keep us in your prayers. Tomorrow we will be campaigning in White Plains.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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