Marriage Campaign Blog

Marriage Campaign Blog

Sept 5 – Santa Rosa

The moment we set up this morning on Mendocino Ave. in Santa Rosa and finished praying three Hail Marys, a man already began yelling insults at the top of his lungs. In order to avoid hearing the obscenities, we sang … Continue reading

Sept 4 – Yuba City

As we stood at a busy intersection on Rt. 20 with our banners and signs, plenty of people honked, cheered, waved and gave us the thumbs up with gusto. Support for traditional marriage in Yuba City was overwhelming. “I want … Continue reading

Sept 3 – American River Community College

The campaign today at American River College near Sacramento was perhaps one of the most heated and intense campaigns in TFP Student Action history. After reaching campus, we split up into three groups. Each group put on their TFP capes, … Continue reading

Sept 2 – Downtown Sacramento

This morning we made our way down to the State Capitol building in Sacramento and stationed ourselves outside one of its busy entrances used by state legislators and workers. Our large banner reading “Californians Support Traditional Marriage” was visible to … Continue reading

Sept 1 – The First Campaign

Today we held our first campaign for traditional marriage on the streets of California. The location was perfect: Cal Expo in Sacramento. It was the last and busiest day of the fair, and Labor Day guaranteed throngs of foot traffic … Continue reading

Aug 28 – A Change of Scenery

The following morning we were able get our bearings. Most warmed up with hot coffee before hitting the showers, after which a hot breakfast of eggs and bacon was served. All of us wanted to get an early start to … Continue reading

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