July 20 – Downtown Buffalo, New York

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Downtown Buffalo, New York

No sooner had we arrived than a lady who recognized us from Saturday’s campaign approached. She took a flyer already but wanted to know more about our organization and was very favorable to our ideals.

Two ladies approached us later on and took fliers. They spoke with Mr. Peter Shibler for some time.

“You are very courageous for what you doing”, one of them said. She then went on to say how she was studying Western Civilization at the university.

“Even during those times when homosexuality was rampant”, she said, “it was never legalized by the state. It is totally uncalled for that they legalize it today.

As we were leaving the campaign a black lady watched us depart from the sidewalk. “Honk, honk” she said as she simulated a car horn.

Tonawanda NY (North of Buffalo)
The afternoon campaign could be best described as “dividing the waters”. As usual, many people were supportive but many were opposed as well.

It wasn’t long before we had our first counter-protest; two people holding some very poorly made signs with an unintelligible message that said something about hate.


July 20 - Downtown Buffalo, New York

Someone threw a hand full of coins at Mr. Matthew Taylor. Fortunately he was able to anticipate the act of aggression. He simply held up his sign just in time to shield him from the assault. The person was driving so fast however that they were unable to get his license number and some of the coins made a perfect indentation in his poster and were therefore a stirring testimony of the days events.

At a certain point three police cars arrived. The officers said someone had called saying we were “jumping into the streets”. When he saw that it was misinformation he went on his way. At the end of the campaign another squad car whipped into the parking lot behind us.

He seemed relieved when we told him that we were leaving. “Every time someone disagreed with you,” he said, “we would get a phone call saying you were ‘jumping into the street.'” Lie, lie, lie… eventually something will stick!

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