Events of 2003

Not Politically Correct, but Morally Correct

“I can’t believe it. You mean to tell me you’re out here against the homosexual agenda?” one student said. “Wait, let me go get my friends” he continued, “They’ll want to sign this petition to the Supreme Court against homosexuality … Continue reading

Seeking First the Kingdom of Heaven

“Amid the storms through which She passes today, She [the Church] could proudly and tranquilly say: ‘Alios ego vidi ventos; alias prospexi animo procellas’ (‘I have already seen other winds, I have weathered other storms’). The Church has fought in … Continue reading

TFP Conference Unites Catholics in Crusade

Was it the meetings, the lively conversations or the making of new friends? Was it the bishop’s sermon, the prince’s convocation or the hero’s testimony? Was it the rosary procession or the final High Mass? It is hard to decide … Continue reading

Another Voice on Campus

Do lesbians, homosexuals, bisesxuals and transgendered people have the right to adopt children? This was the topic of a debate held on October 7, 2003, by the club “PennForum” at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. TFP Student Action member … Continue reading

A Trip to Brazil

I just returned from Brazil with five other American students. The 20-day program, A Trip to Brazil, the Birthplace of the First TFP, sponsored by The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property — TFP, was incredible! … Continue reading

Looking at What We Have Lost

  Over the last fifty years, a plethora of liturgical traditions and ceremonial have undeniably been lost. Today, many Catholics experience a growing hunger for the mystery and beauty that they never knew. To feed this longing, the Roman Catholic … Continue reading

Crime Control not Gun Control in Brazil

“Crime control” not “gun control” was the message of the National Rifle Association’s Charles Cunningham, who spoke to a standing room only audience in São Paulo Brazil on August 14. Mr. Cunningham is the director of federal affairs for the NRA’s … Continue reading

Surpassing Expectations

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A Tradition is Born

“The first time is a mere sounding out, a second try refines an experiment but the third time around – a tradition is born.” Such were the opening words which described the third Université d’été, an international summer program in … Continue reading

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