Not Politically Correct, but Morally Correct

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“I can’t believe it. You mean to tell me you’re out here against the homosexual agenda?” one student said. “Wait, let me go get my friends” he continued, “They’ll want to sign this petition to the Supreme Court against homosexuality too.”

On Monday, October 27, nine members of TFP Student Action visited George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia, to distribute a flyer rejecting the recent Supreme Court decision Lawrence vs. Texas, which in one swipe overturned all state laws prohibiting the sin of sodomy.

Throughout the lunch hour, TFP Student Action handed out almost 1,000 of its “Are We Still One Nation Under God?” flyers, and collected nearly 100 signatures in a petition to the Supreme Court expressing a complete repudiation of the ruling.

The flyer contained a TFP statement, published in The Washington Times on July 9, 2003, which analyzes the Lawrence vs. Texas decision. It called the ruling America’s moral 9/11, since it breaks with 2000 years of Christian moral tradition and natural law. The state cannot renounce its duty to protect the common good and defend morality, especially on the issue of homosexuality, which is so clearly condemned in sacred Scripture.

With its huge American flag and TFP standard, as well as spirited bagpipe music, TFP Student Action members caused quite a stir on campus. Many students, sick and tired of the oppressive pro-homosexual agenda, looked on in near disbelief, and expressed their enthusiasm at seeing a student group standing up for morality on their campus.

“Are you looking for volunteers? How can I volunteer?” a history student asked, eager to help TFP oppose the homosexual agenda on campus. A university professor approached asking for an extra flyer. “I want to discuss this with my students in class,” he stated.

Besides a few debates, the homosexual opposition was surprisingly weak. Very few stopped to argue. Most of the pro-homosexual people encountered during this campaign simply stared, walked away, ripped up the flyer or shouted obscenities as they briskly passed by.

Encouraged with the good results at George Mason University, TFP Student Action members are now gearing up to visit other university campuses to defend the noble cause of traditional marriage, morality and the sacred institution of the family.

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