TFP Student Action Engages the Culture at Auburn University

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TFP Student Action Engages the Culture at Auburn University
TFP Student Action Engages the Culture at Auburn University

Already halfway from Texas to Pennsylvania, the word reaches our ears, “change of plans, traditional marriage needs defending at Auburn University.”

A courageous young student contacted The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP), asking for help. He had already held his own rallies at Auburn University against the increasing attacks on moral values. With the draconian Equality Act, obscene Drag Queen Story Hours and the canceling of students who express the truth about biological reality, the subject has never been more crucial.

Alabama would add a day to our trip, but what time is more worthily spent than in defense of God, truth, and the morality of our nation.

A Class of Aggravated Liberals

While greeting our friends and contacts after arrival, one student was bubbling with enthusiasm and later noted that he had seen all our videos and could not believe he was finally able to defend traditional marriage in the public square.

It was not long before his fervor was tested, for a chance to defend the truth soon came tramping up. It seems a whole class was so aggravated, possibly by our bagpipe and drum corps, that they all came out at once to harry the TFP volunteers and supporters.

Yes, Sodomy Hurts Us

Among the lame objections from the pro-sodomites were common phrases such as “why do you care? It is not hurting you.” Although this may have stumped the opposition before, to reply that the LGBT agenda hurts us is an understatement.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

They must not be following the news, for the Equality Act will not only take away our rights to refuse anybody we do not want to employ on a religious stance but will allow men, who fantasize that they are women, to enter into women’s restrooms and vice versa. Also, at the State University of New York, a student was suspended for stating on his Instagram account that “a man is a man and a woman is a woman.”

There is also the corruption of children by the performers at Drag Queen Story Hours invited to many schools, libraries and coffee shops around the country.

This agenda is not only hurting us, but our entire family and society, our mothers, sisters, and little brothers.

Every Child is a Blessing

One liberal female claimed that “children only bring pain and suffering?” However, a young first-time campaigner quickly replied, “my mother had twelve of us, loves us all, and would have more if she could.” After which, the woman turned away, seeing a case where every child is a blessing, not a disease.

Traditional Marriage is an Absolute Truth

After they finally accepted that absolute truth exists as in the case of two plus two will always equal four, a member defined another absolute truth, that the purpose of the marital act is to beget children and can only be morally used within the confines of marriage.

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He stated that marriage is the bond always made between one man and one woman for the dual purpose of procreation and education of children and mutual support and sanctification of the spouses.

Fruits of Homosexuality: Disease, Depression, and Suicide

With this firm base rooted in nature, reality and two thousand years of Catholic Church teaching, the young defender of marriage showed how the fruit of homosexuality is disease, depression, and suicide.

Sodomites cannot have children, which is the purpose of the marital act and the primary purpose of marriage. Furthermore, according to the American Medical Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, homosexuals experience almost 70% of all sexually transmitted diseases in our country, even though they are less than 4% of the population.

Their suicide rate is tragically high, as they are three times more likely to commit suicide than a heterosexual. As for depression, they are at least three times more likely than heterosexuals to become depressed, even to the point of a mental disorder.

This is the fruit of a sin that goes completely against the nature of the marital act and rejects God’s plan for marriage.

In the face of such arguments, the pro-homosexuals drifted away and resorted to displaying their homosexual flags, blowing a kazoo, and refusing any further discussion.

True Alabaman Support

Although intense at times, opposition was not the only force we found at Auburn University, for almost twelve students came out to support our rally.

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Twice during the campaign, they brought us water and lemonade, and several took up signs promoting Traditional Marriage. Many Alabamans honked, and one truck driver agreed enthusiastically as he yelled, “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

Two slogans that always met with hatred were, “Moral values…are Alabama values!” and “Perversity…is not Diversity!”

Afterward, the student leader was so enthused that he stated: “I would get an Airbnb for you, fundraise, anything to do this again.” Even as we marched to the sound of bagpipes and drums back to our vehicle, construction workers from three stories up shouted their support.

Never Surrender

We need to defend God, morality and our country. Two locals had already been defamed on social media and on campus for defending moral values but still came to the rally and said they would not stop just because of false accusations and insults.

One wrote us afterward, saying, “I’m not stressed or worried about it at all because I know I stand with the truth, so I’ll take this in stride!”

These men are the crusaders of our time.

Auburn University was not the first, and it will not be the last to see a TFP campaign on their doorstep, as long as offenses against God and truth continue to happen. As Catholic men, we do not want to see God and the family attacked by our pro-homosexual society. We will always protest attacks upon God and the family, defend the truth and support traditional marriage.

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