TFP Decries Massachusetts Court’s Decision as “Morally Irresponsible”

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The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) has issued the following statement about the November 18 decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court finding no constitutional impediments for same-sex “marriage” in the Commonwealth:

“The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) registers its complete disapproval and repudiation of the November 18 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision finding no constitutional impediments to same-sex “marriage” as a morally irresponsible ruling that ignores a wealth of sociological evidence proving how the homosexual relationship in no way provides the stability and support necessary to constitute a family.

“The 4-3 decision represents a redefinition of marriage which seeks to draw non-existent analogies between heterosexual couples and same-sex relationships. It rewards relationships that are of their nature sterile and victimizes children who have the right to be raised in a strong moral environment.

“In mandating the Massachusetts Legislature to enforce its decision, the Court clearly engages in judicial activism and renounces its duty imposed by natural law to uphold morality in favor of the common good.

“Established in 1692, the Court prides itself as being the oldest appellate court in continuous existence in the Western Hemisphere. With this decision, it avowedly departs from the history of its own marriage law and forsakes its tradition. The ruling represents a major blow to America’s Christian roots, the institution of the family and the very foundations of morality in society.

“With this decision, the die is cast. It now obliges pro-family forces and especially American Catholics to take the initiative, and mobilize in defense of the family.”

The American TFP invites its members, friends and supporters to offer prayers and acts of reparation to God for the offense caused by this tragic decision.

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