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Do lesbians, homosexuals, bisesxuals and transgendered people have the right to adopt children? This was the topic of a debate held on October 7, 2003, by the club “PennForum” at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. TFP Student Action member Michael Drake participated on the panel and hoped to take part in an intellectual and academic argument. He found something completely different.

Each panelist was allowed to speak twice uncontested, and a question and answer session followed. Arguing for homosexual adoption were Michele Reed, an open lesbian with two adopted children, and Erin Cross, another avowed lesbian. Their argument was that homosexuals provide homes to children who would otherwise be in the foster care system. The highly emotional discussion, frequently interrupted with tears from Ms. Reed, failed to address the real moral and family issues.

Mr. Drake was assisted by Betty Jean Wolfe, president of the Urban Family Council in Philadelphia, who argued against homosexual marriage. She claimed that homosexual marriage was a fraud because such relationships do not make a family.

The TFP’s Michael Drake also argued that the child’s welfare should be the first priority and all children have the right to a normal and stable family environment.

“Homosexuals do not have the moral condition to raise children,” he said. “Objective moral standards are essential for proper child development based on natural law.”

Mr. Drake cited study after study showing how the homosexual lifestyle is diametrically opposed to the best interests of the child. Moreover, he explained how the homosexual condition is contrary to natural law and therefore victimizes the child who is forced to accept this lifestyle as normal.

“We went expecting to argue the real issues, but only found emotions in the way,” Mr. Drake commented. “Emotions are not arguments.”

“No one expected a debate, because homosexual adoption is just taken for granted,” one student commented.

By attending this debate, TFP Student Action showed that not all students are pro-homosexual and indifferent to tradition. Another voice needs to be heard on campus and TFP Student Action is dedicated to doing this.

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