The True Colors of “Tolerance”

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The True Colors of “Tolerance”
The True Colors of “Tolerance”

The American public is often asked to tolerate the “alternative homosexual lifestyle” in the name of diversity. This “tolerance” seeks to rid America of its so-called conservative, religious, bigoted, and discriminatory attitudes toward homosexual vice.

At the same time, the homosexual movement has worked hard to convince the world that they are peaceful, understanding, and “tolerant.”

However, actions speak louder than words. On Thursday, November 20, members of Tradition Family Property Student Action peacefully and legally exercised their freedom of speech on the public sidewalk outside the Marvin Center of George Washington University, protesting the Supreme Court ruling overturning state anti-sodomy laws.

Many of the 1,500 students who received the TFP’s flyer were both surprised and pleased to see TFP Student Action on their campus located in the nation’s capital. One student said, “You guys are getting the job done.”

One professor said, “I am normally a liberal. I am in favor of socialist politics and against traditional morality. But on the issue of sodomy, I agree with you.”

Visibly upset with the warm welcome the TFP’s pro-family message was receiving, a group of pro-homosexual students soon gathered and verbally assaulted and harassed the TFP members.

“They screamed in our faces, harassed onlookers, and uttered unrepeatable obscenities. Anyone wanting to read our flyer had to run a gauntlet of abusive insults,” said TFP volunteer John Miller. “Apparently, people aren’t free to decide for themselves anymore.”

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The debate grew more intense. The activists’ intolerant abuse escalated. And TFP volunteers decided it prudent to finish the campaign, after calmly praying together three Hail Mary’s aloud.

The next day, two letters to the editor appeared in the student newspaper The GW Hatchet.

GW sophomore Jessica Cisneros put it this way: “Walking to class on Thursday afternoon, I suddenly heard bagpipes and saw the dreaded red sashes… I thought about the TFP throughout the day.”

Cisneros’s letter then urges the student body to mobilize against the TFP. “Tell them you don’t want them on our campus. We may not be able to silence them, but we can certainly fight back.”

The second letter was favorable. Adam Ramey, a GW senior, mentioned the TFP’s peaceful demonstration to voice its opinion and that of millions of Americans that homosexual acts undermine the moral foundations of the nation.

“Within a couple of hours of TFP’s arrival, an organized resistance formed. One of the many pro-homosexual activists spewed obscenities for more than 10 minutes that would make any sailor blush. Armed with his cell phone, he proceeded to call in reinforcements.”Defending a Higher Law: Why We Must Resist Same Sex “Marriage” and the Homosexual Movement

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Addressing the pro-homosexual activists at GWU, Ramey concluded his letter with two questions: “If homosexuals are peaceful, why did the TFP feel threatened? Second, if homosexual perversity does not extend beyond the bedroom, why did you resort to public obscenities? Campus activists, you have the floor.”

This campaign reflected a divided America. Pro-family America upholds virtue, tradition and the law of God. Liberal America frantically attempts to tear down order and morality. Sides are drawn and there is no middle ground. Holy Matrimony and the institution of the family are at stake. How can anyone remain indifferent? If the precious remnants of Christian civilization are to endure, pro-family America must implore God’s grace, rally together, and defend His Law.

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