Are Colleges Towns Leftist When School is Out?

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Are Colleges Towns Leftist When School is Out?
Are Colleges Towns Leftist When School is Out?

Yes, college towns are leftist even during summer break. At least that is what volunteers of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition Family and Property (TFP) found out when they went to Gainesville, Florida, to oppose socialism.

On July 10, 2022, nine TFP volunteers stopped in front of the University of Florida to hold an anti-socialism campaign. What was supposed to be a quick stop on their way to Pensacola ended up being a contentious few hours.

Praise of Marx and Castro

In the previous days of the TFP tour, volunteers had held demonstrations in Miami, where the Cuban population is resolutely against socialism and the Castro regime. It came as a shock to hear several adamant supporters of Marx and even Castro in Gainesville say:

“Marx was right!”

“Marx is my hero!”

“Viva la revolucion Cubana! Viva Fidel!” (Long live the Cuban revolution! Long live Fidel [Castro]!

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Because of a lack of arguments, three women who lived in an apartment overlooking the TFP campaign location came out with a sign reading, “U honk, we drink.” Their intention was to counter the “Honk against socialism” signs held by the TFP members.

In what sounded like drunken revelry, they taunted the volunteers from their perch. They must have overindulged because of the massive amounts of honking the volunteers received. But soon enough they tottered back inside their apartment.

“I Hate Everything You Stand For”

Seeing the campaign, a group of three men parked their car and approached the TFP members. The first thing out of one of their mouths was an expletive against the TFP members. The same fellow then said some vulgar words and made impure implications that are not suitable to repeat. This man and his two followers then began a long a drawn out debate.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

The man told TFP member Zechariah Long, “You do not present your arguments well.”

Mr. Long let him have it. “The first thing you did when you approached us was to insult us and use vulgar language, and we are the ones not presenting our arguments well?”

Several times the man claimed to be “Catholic” and constantly shifted the argument to different subjects.

Fake Catholic: “You are trying to put God’s laws over LGBT rights.”

TFP: “If you are really a Catholic then you should put God’s law over everything.”

Fake Catholic: “People need to realize that there is a big difference between traditional Catholicism and modern Catholicism. . . I am terrified by the rising amount of traditional Catholics in America.”

When one TFP member noted how America needs to turn back to God and follow the Ten Commandments, he blasphemously claimed that God’s law is no longer applicable.

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He eventually showed his true colors. “I am not here just because of your anti-socialism stance; I am here because I hate everything you stand for.”

At the end of the campaign, the volunteers prayed their customary three Hail Marys. As they did, the same man mockingly mimicked them and attacked the prayers.

Diverse Support

Besides the debates and shocking statements from passing leftists, there was much support of the TFP’s message.

A young lady asked one volunteer if she could take a picture of the banner because she wanted to show it to her friend who was pro-socialist. She was Nicaraguan and very anti-socialist because she has seen what it does to destroy countries.

Another man was passing by when a TFP member offered him a “10 Reasons to Reject Socialism” flier. “I don’t need a flier,” he said. “I know what socialism does. I am Ukrainian.”

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A Jewish man also approved, “I completely support what you do. I watch your videos online.”

A black man drove by and asked what socialism is. A TFP member explained: “Socialism boils down to the abolition of private property.” Shocked, the man said: “Do people really believe in that? Are there really people who are socialists? They are just really bad people, aren’t they?”

Catholic Enthusiasm

Dark clouds announced a coming storm. As the wind picked up, it became very difficult to hold the banner. But instead of being dismayed, the volunteers were more enthusiastic than ever. Although drenched by the downpour, the volunteers continued, with big smiles, and loudly invoking the saints. Drivers and pedestrians were in awe.

The only reason the volunteers paused the campaign was to protect the signs and banner from destruction. However, after a few minutes waiting in their vehicle, the Catholic men rushed back out with greater enthusiasm than before.

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When asked how they could be so joyful in such circumstances, caravan member David Lombarski replied, “We are out on the street defending the good and the right. If we suffer a little bit, it makes us happier because of the just cause. When preparing for the caravan, we are asked to pack our bags, and bring plenty of enthusiasm.”

May God protect America from socialism.

Photo Credit: DouglasGreenCC BY 2.0

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