Fighting for our Culture

“Bodies Revealed” – A Cruel Mockery

There was a time when skinning a person alive was considered the ultimate barbarity. Today, skinning a person dead is considered “educational.” It is not without dismay that we have, for some time now, seen the news of exhibits of … Continue reading

Homosexual sin is not genetic apps – PROTEST

As we know, homosexual sin is not genetic! That’s why homosexual activists have pressured Apple to pull an iPhone app that has links to resources that help people suffering from same-sex attraction. Asking them to restore the iPhone app that … Continue reading

Lewd V-Monologues at Saint Mary’s College

Catholic students are hoping the notoriously lewd play by feminist activist Eve Ensler, The V-Monologues, does not disgrace the campus of Saint Mary’s College of California. Register your Peaceful Protest Here The offensive play is scheduled to show on February … Continue reading

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