God And Jesus Banned From The Houston National Cemetery

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In a very shocking development, the use of the names of God and Jesus are banned at the Houston National Cemetery, the 2nd largest in America, where 70,000 veterans are buried.

According to local volunteer and veterans groups that work at the cemetery, the Houston National Cemetery has told veterans and volunteers alike that they can no longer use the word “God,””God bless,” or “Jesus” at any and all funerals or condolence cards.


Such words have been called “offensive?”

In response to this ban on God and Jesus at the Houston National Cemetery, veteran groups have started a law suit against U.S. Veterans Affairs Department officials and Houston National Cemetery director Arleen Ocasio.

It accuses them of banning members of these groups from invoking the names of God or Jesus at burials and forbidding the recitation of religious messages unless the deceased’s family submits the text to her for approval.

Thank God, veteran’s groups are fighting back, and we need to support them. So, please:

One military veteran described what is happening in these terms:
“To have the director of this facility try to censor religious speech, to censor the name of God, is a slap in the face to not only every American who believes in God, but it’s a slap in the face to every veteran who fought for our freedom.”

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