Catholic College to Host Same-Sex “Marriage” Activist – Protest Kicks Off

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Canisius_College_Hosts_Same_Sex_Marriage_Activist.jpgCanisius College – a Jesuit institution – has invited an open homosexual activist, Dustin Lance Black, to talk about “Leadership for Equal Rights: GLBT Equality.”  According to the college’s web site, the lecture is scheduled on March 10 as part of a Leadership Series program.

Not only is Black an homosexual activist and screenwriter for the movie “Milk,” but he is also a board member of the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), which sponsored a federal court challenge to overturn Prop. 8 – the 2008 amendment that defends traditional marriage in California.

In a 2010 interview published in MetroWeekly, Black says:

“…we can’t let them do what they did in Proposition 8… in 10 years the majority of the country will overwhelmingly want to vote in favor of gay marriage, and that will be because we’ve changed all of the folks in America… It’s like Paris

Here’s a screen shot from the college’s web site promoting the lecture.
Here’s a screen shot from the college’s web site promoting the lecture.

Barclay said, ‘It’s gonna have to come through things like films, television, books and most importantly, people telling their personal stories to their neighbors and co-workers and families.’ That will have to happen culturally.”

“Why is someone with a clear anti-family agenda invited to address Catholic students at a Catholic college?” questioned TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie.

“Our culture is in dire need of moral role models, leaders with moral courage who will stand up against the lies of same-sex ‘marriage’ and the culture of death,” he said. “God’s marriage is non-negotiable. And I’m hoping Canisius stops this scandal.”

TFP Student Action is asking its members to sign a protest petition, urging Fr. Vincent M. Cooke to cancel the anti-family lecture.

To voice your concern politely yet firmly, please contact:

Dr. John J. Hurley
Canisius College, President
2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208-1098
Phone: 716-888-2100
E-mail: [email protected]

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