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Debunk_the_Homosexuality_is_Genetic_Myth.jpgAs we know, homosexual sin is not genetic! That’s why homosexual activists have pressured Apple to pull an iPhone app that has links to resources that help people suffering from same-sex attraction.

Asking them to restore the iPhone app that unmasks the “homosexuality is genetic” myth.

Recently, radical homosexual activists are using words like “hateful and bigoted” to describe an iPhone app that helps people overcome unwanted same-sex attraction.

The app was created by Exodus International, a ministry of ex-homosexuals, which offers links to the ministry’s news, blog, podcasts and other social networking and resource materials.

The app was originally approved by Apple with a 4+ rating indicating that there was nothing offensive in it and even had been sold at Apple’s online iTunes stores, until now.

Angry homosexual activists pressured Apple to cancel the app from Exodus International and they allege to have already gathered over 100,000 signatures against the app.

That’s why it’s important that Apple hear from God-fearing people who know that homosexuality is not genetic, that same-sex attraction can be overcome, as can any disorderly passion.

Asking them to restore the homosexual cure app.

Exodus International suffers intense pressure and harassment from homosexual activists because, by their very existence, they prove that homosexuality is not genetic.  To the contrary, homosexual sin is a choice.

According to news reports, a similar petition from homosexual activists last year was successful in getting an app for the Manhattan Declaration canceled for being “hate filled” because it supported traditional marriage.

This is wrong and we cannot allow this type of thing to happen again.

God-fearing people cannot allow homosexual activists to impose their radical agenda upon the rest of society.

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