Events of 2005

A Catholic Response to a Cultural Revolution

If there is a place to discuss the cultural crisis in Western civilization, the restored fourteenth-century Carthusian Charterhouse in Gaming, Austria is certainly the setting. From its austere origins, the monastery has weathered a number of cultural crises – the … Continue reading

Having One’s Cake and Eating it Too

On July 29, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist officially endorsed federal funding for embryonic stem cell (ESC) research. This issue is of pivotal importance in the pro-life struggle. Should the government refuse funding for ESC research, it would weigh heavily … Continue reading

High Stakes in the Evolution Debate

On Friday, July 15th Mr. John H. Calvert, co-founder of Intelligent Design Network, gave an audiovisual presentation to around 30 TFP supporters in Topeka, Kans., titled: “Are We Designs Or Occurrences? Why Is This Question So Important?” The event was … Continue reading

Around Scotland for Our Lady

Until recently, it would have been rash to travel around staunchly Presbyterian Scotland handing out fliers about Our Lady. However, times have changed and what the eight of us, consisting of myself and seven American high school students from the … Continue reading

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