Building Foundations in Education

Talking About History in Topeka

Education without principles is like a building without foundations. It is precisely to discuss a concern for these principles that students, teachers, scholars, officials and concerned citizens gathered for the Tenth Annual Foundations of Education Symposium at Topeka’s Washburn University on November 4. The one-day event was organized by the school’s Prof. … Read more

Echoes of Catholic Militancy

2005 TFP National Conference

A recent book titled, No More Christian Nice Guy, outlines a prevalent error in society. The book’s author, Paul Coughlin, explains that Christianity has been divorced of masculinity to such an extent that many Christian men feel stifled and even suffocated when trying to practice the Faith. However, this emasculated Christianity is … Read more

Petition Letter to the Bishops

Reverent and Filial Petition to the Catholic Bishops of America (signed by concerned Catholics from across the nation)   Your Excellencies: Whereas, the homosexual agenda is advancing at breathless speed, paving the way for the legalization of homosexual “marriage;” Whereas, the Holy See issued a 12-page statement to condemn homosexual “marriage,” urging … Read more

Letter to the Bishops

Letter to the Bishops

In an attempt to urge the bishops’ pastoral leadership in the struggle to defend the family in America, representatives of the American TFP delivered eight boxes of signed petitions to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington D.C. on November 1, 2005. The petition, which calls on America’s bishops to … Read more

A Call to Reject The Da Vinci Code

A Call to Reject The Da Vinci Code 2

Few things merit more rejection than affirming that which is not true. Such an act offends the object of the attack and betrays the trust of those who hear it. The gravity of the offense is magnified when the object is Christ and His Church and the audience is the readership of … Read more

Moral Chaos at the University of Notre Dame

Moral Chaos at the University of Notre Dame

“The sins which lead most souls to hell are sins of the flesh!” ~ Blessed Jacinta Marto During the week of October 10-14, 2005, students at the prominent Catholic University of Notre Dame faced another assault against traditional Catholic morality on campus: “National Coming Out Day.” The week-long event included shocking pro-homosexual … Read more

2005 TFP Conference: Facing America’s Culture War

2005 TFP Conference: Facing America’s Culture War 1

The 2005 TFP National Conference was more than just a simple gathering. The Columbus Day weekend event doubled as an occasion to launch the American TFP’s new book, Rejecting The Da Vinci Code: How a Blasphemous Novel Brutally Attacks Our Lord and the Catholic Church. In addition, participants were invited to pay … Read more

Liberals Vent Rage at Moral Crusade

Liberals Vent Rage at Moral Crusade

On Monday, September 19, when most people were worried about hurricane Rita, TFP Student Action was busy defending Our Lord Jesus Christ at Millersville University. On the way to campus we prayed for the unfortunate people afflicted by Rita and Katrina and for the upcoming campaign. This time, Student Action was passing … Read more

Getting Together in Kansas

Getting Together in Kansas 3

Over 200 Kansan supporters of the American TFP and America Needs Fatima had an enjoyable day of activities and Catholic devotion for the entire family at their annual picnic on Saturday, September 17, at a farm near Topeka, Kan. The day began with a presentation by TFP Director Mr. Luiz A. Fragelli … Read more

DeGeneres Will Not Play God

Protesters can claim one more case where protesting has proven effective. The Hollywood remake of the comedy “Oh God!” planned for this summer will not be going anywhere soon. Last fall, Hollywood announced with some fanfare the news that Jerry Weintraub Productions would be filming the remake which portrays God as a … Read more