Getting Together in Kansas

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Over 200 Kansan supporters of the American TFP and America Needs Fatima had an enjoyable day of activities and Catholic devotion for the entire family at their annual picnic on Saturday, September 17, at a farm near Topeka, Kan.


The day began with a presentation by TFP Director Mr. Luiz A. Fragelli on the subject of innocence, a subject so forgotten today.

After Mr. Fragelli’s presentation, the crowd enjoyed this year’s puppet show featuring a play called “The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia.” Based on the story of a nun in Czechoslovakia during the Soviet occupation after World War II, Sister Cecilia resisted the communists, smuggled priests out of the country and finally fled to Austria.

Right before dinner, a statue of Our Lady of Fatima was carried solemnly to her place of honor, crowned and asked to reign over the day’s events. After dinner there were wholesome games and activities for children of all ages followed by a family hayride.

At twilight, the outdoor rosary procession began. The sight of a path illuminated by torches and candles winding through the pasture, with Our Lady of Fatima carried by strong devoted men was a moving experience for all. In addition to the Rosary, the Litany of Loretto was recited and the crowd sang several Marian hymns.

The day concluded with the Chinese shadow play “The Story of An Ungrateful City,” based on a story written by Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira.

The event provides an annual occasion for like-minded Catholics of all ages to pray together and encourage one another to meet the challenges of today’s society. TFP and ANF members in Connecticut, Louisiana, Missouri and Pennsylvania have held similar events.

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