DeGeneres Will Not Play God

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Protesters can claim one more case where protesting has proven effective. The Hollywood remake of the comedy “Oh God!” planned for this summer will not be going anywhere soon.

Last fall, Hollywood announced with some fanfare the news that Jerry Weintraub Productions would be filming the remake which portrays God as a wise-cracking cranky individual full of defects and imperfections. As if that were not bad enough, the so-called Supreme Being was to be played by the avowed lesbian talk show host Ellen DeGeneres!

That was before thousands of protest flyers went out nationwide. Prior to the production of this offensive depiction of our Creator, the America Needs Fatima campaign asked its members to sign and send protest postcards to the film producer, Jerry Weintraub, and its distributor, Warner Brothers.

Since that time, there has been a strange silence over the whole production. The film’s official web page reports absolutely no details about the progress of the filming which was supposed to have taken place this summer.

The mystery perhaps can be explained by the fact that Ellen DeGeneres has just announced that she will not be starring in the film citing a busy schedule and her disappointment with the script. (AP, 09-03-2005)

“The fact is the production is off,” says campaign director Robert E. Ritchie. “After a massive protest by our members, no one wants to talk about it anymore. It’s dead in the water.”

Mr. Ritchie reported that the blasphemous production “Jesus Has Two Mommies,” a theater play that portrayed the Virgin Mary as a lesbian was not shown last Christmas season at its usual venue in Massachusetts after massive protests. Similar results can be seen in other productions where Catholics stood up for God and His Mother. The important thing is for Christians to make their voices heard.

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