Liberals Vent Rage at Moral Crusade

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On Monday, September 19, when most people were worried about hurricane Rita, TFP Student Action was busy defending Our Lord Jesus Christ at Millersville University. On the way to campus we prayed for the unfortunate people afflicted by Rita and Katrina and for the upcoming campaign. This time, Student Action was passing out fliers against The Da Vinci Code in an effort to prevent it from being made into a movie. Petitions were also collected to send to Columbia Studios for the same reason.

When we arrived, we started off as usual, with some prayers for the success of the campaign. Then the bagpipes started to let the liberal students know that they were in for a bad day. However, the bagpipes did not bring only bad news. Many of the Catholic and Protestant students that passed signed the petition stating that they were honored to help defend the name of Jesus Christ, and glad that we were out there. Student Action remained on the job for about four hours in the blazing sun before it wrapped up and went home.

Not all students, however, were in favor. Some stopped and tried to argue, but “no one can stand against truth.” Others simply walked by trying to convince themselves that their eyes and ears were deceiving them; that we weren’t really there. Then there were those that remembered us from a year ago when we did a campaign against same-sex “marriage.” As soon as they saw us, they were livid. After the campaign a student published an article in The Snapper, the campus paper. He raved and ranted against our defense of 2,000 years of Catholic teaching. The reader could tell that he remembered us very well and that our defense of truth had been gnawing on his conscience for an entire year. His article just confirmed how effective we were, since we must be doing something right to provoke such incoherent commentary.

In reality they are only trying to convince themselves that we are ineffective. In past campaigns, we have forced blasphemous productions to back down or fade away. One of the most recent examples of this is eBay, where a consecrated Host was up for sale. After thousands of emails, phone calls and letter protests, eBay removed the offensive auction from their site and changed their policy to ensure it would not happen again.

We place our confidence at God’s feet, therefore, hoping that Columbia Pictures will not succeed in their blasphemous enterprise. And we look to the future with enthusiasm for the next opportunity to defend the glory of God on other college campuses.

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