Demolishing Myths About Stem Cell Research

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On August 12, Kansas State Representative Mary Pilcher Cook gave an informative presentation about stem cell research and cloning to TFP supporters and friends in the Topeka area.

The media and smooth-talking politicians often try to muddy the waters regarding these issues. Even Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who has a high pro-life rating, recently spoke out in favor of embryonic stem cell research. However when the facts are presented, the choices are really quite clear. Rep. Pilcher Cook made these two issues understandable by filtering out the murkiness of the false arguments used by the merchants of death.

She explained what stem cells are, what stem cell research is, the difference between embryonic and adults stem cells and the moral issues involved.

Of course, for a Catholic it is morally impossible to create life in order to destroy it as is done with embryonic stem cells. Beyond that, on the practical level, the pro-life Catholic congresswoman explained that there has not been a single cure or successful treatment using embryonic stem cells. There have however, been a number of amazing cures or treatments using adult stem cells. One individual accidentally discharged a nail gun and drove a nail into his heart. His own adult stem cells were used to successfully repair the damage to his cardiac tissue.

Rep. Pilcher Cook also spoke about cloning. Again there are many moral issues involved. As with embryonic stem cells, human embryos that are not used are destroyed. Over 200 fertilized eggs were used to create the clone sheep Dolly. In Japan, artificial wombs have been developed. There is even discussion in the scientific community of implanting human embryos into the wombs of animals.

The scenario of embryonic stem cell research and cloning seems like a terrible nightmare. Rep. Pilcher Cook noted that many legislators and the public are simply not well informed on the matter, and are not aware of “the Brave New World that is literally right around the corner.”

Thanks to Rep. Pilcher Cook, those who attended the talk are now better informed and armed with the arguments to combat these threats. Life has already become so cheap with contraception, abortion and euthanasia. Before life is further diminished with embryonic stem cell research and cloning, everyone must get involved to do what they can and also encourage clergy and elected officials to speak out on this latest development of the culture of death.

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