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Only in America

A Time to Honor Veterans Who Put Others Before SelfIn times of difficulty it is to men of resiliency that a troubled nation looks for solutions and direction. These are the type of man showcased at the 19th annual Veterans Conference put on by the American Veterans Center. This never-give-up attitude was on full display with the opening evening’s Wounded Warriors Experience

The Carrot Cake Lady - Still Making it the Way Grandma DidLike so many things in our fast paced society the art of cake baking in America has been simplified. Yet there still exists an appreciation for the “made from scratch” version produced with mom’s tender loving hands. More often than not, however, our mother’s recipes are adaptations of their mothers. Those in turn are eventually bequeathed to the next generation. This is the secret to success of Lloyd’s Carrot Cake bakery in Bronx, New York. Founded by Lloyd Adams in 1986 his desserts have become wildly successful because of a recipe for carrot cake he inherited from his grandmother. In a country that invented the “add water and stir” cake mixes, Lloyd’s variety is a refreshing reprieve for Americans to satisfy their sweet tooth with something genuine.

“The Ham Lady” and the Art of Ham Curing Off the Beaten Path… in Princeton KentuckyOff the Beaten Path… in Princeton, Kentucky
Spain is a country that is world-renowned for their pork products. Everything from air-dried cured ham, to their mouth-watering Prosciutto, have delighted travelers for ages. One need not travel to the Iberian Peninsula however to enjoy such culinary masterpieces. The age-old and time-tested art of ham curing is alive and well, but can only be found if you get off the beaten path in Princeton, Kentucky.

Toward Virtuous Leadership: Fixing the Military’s Moral Compass - The Cardinal Virtues, Prudence, Competency, Justice, Fortitude, Courage, Temperance, Self-ControlHerodotus’s commentary on the duties of the ancient Persians, “to ride well, shoot straight, and speak the truth,” recognizes that there are absolute truths and an internal moral compass that warriors should follow...

The Joy in Beholding the Heart of a WarriorOur nation’s heroes are the stuff of which legends are made. While the title legend is often attributed to such men it is seldom defined. Those who earn this title are considered “larger than life” yet the reason why is left largely unexplained.

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