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Fighting For Our Culture

The Colin Kaepernick controversy is symptomatic of our days. A major league football quarterback sits down during the national anthem as a protest. The liberals crown him a hero exercising his freedom to protest against alleged injustice

Showdown With Satanism in OklahomaOn August 15, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven, hundreds of Catholics gathered in Oklahoma City proclaiming “God Yes! Satan No!” Yielding the weapons of the prayers of the Church and accompanied by angels and the grace of God, they came to offer reparation and uphold the honor of God and His Holy Mother. For this was the day a satanic group called the Church of Ahriman, using the taxpayer-funded venue of the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall, took sacrilegious desecration to a new low.

Going Where a GPS Cannot Take You: The Joys of Map ReadingTechnology has undoubtedly improved our lives and made us all more efficient. This is most especially true with regards to navigation. With the mere touch of a button, we can find our way through the labyrinths of modern cities. If we so desire, we are able to make unplanned stops—for whatever strikes our fancy—off the original route without the worry of remembering the way back to our original path.

What Happened to Role Models?The idea of a Catholic “role model” today has been reduced to a nice person, a charity worker, a 4.0 college student, or a sports star that makes the sign of the cross. These people could very well be role models, but the idea today is very stunted. Many would acknowledge that heroes have the…

Where is Pokémon Go Going?Within the first weeks of its release, the new smartphone game, Pokémon Go has become the latest craze worldwide. It gives the appearance of an innocent game, great social medium and fantastic way to get people off the couch. A different conclusion is reached when one delves into how this game is negatively affecting people and society.

At the Threshold of Green EqualityA revolution is underway that is fundamentally transforming mankind’s relationship with the natural world. Although it began in academia this movement has metastasized and spread, first into the culture, and now into law. This revolution is called Ecology, and its latest phase is the granting of legal personhood to animals, plants, parks, and rivers.

Satanism, Blasphemy, and the Abandonment of Morals and PrinciplesWhen a society abandons the principles that made it strong and kept it united—in the American case specifically the teachings of Christianity—it begins to decompose and paves the way for the resurgence of all kinds of superstitions. This is what happens when one neglects natural morals, shown to us by our intellect, and the Ten Commandments, which synthesize the natural law and the divine law. This Higher Law serves as an unfailing guide for men…

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Trans-Species: Transgenderism’s Rotten FruitIf a man can become a woman at will, why can’t he be anything else he so desires? Such a relativistic conclusion is already being proposed. Welcome to the world of the trans-species; also know as the furries or otherkins, who suffer from Species Identity Disorder; a frequent theme in homosexual parades. It is the unreal world in which humans pretend to be animals, claiming that they are actually animals trapped in a human body. They apply the same fallacious argument used by transgenders regarding their biological sex.

A Real Life Neverland For Those Who Don’t Want To Grow UpAt Camp Rahh near Seattle, campers play games, take art classes, kayak, hike or engage in other activities just like summer camps across the country. Nothing would set them apart except for the fact that all of them are over 21 years of age. Camp Rahh is a summer Neverland for adults.

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