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Fighting For Our Culture

Battle Against Lucifer in TexasTo the dismay of local residents the once quiet town of Old Town Spring in Texas has become a center of controversy as the “Greater Church of Lucifer” opened its doors on the eve of All Saints Day.

The False Libertarian Notion of Self-OwnershipLibertarians support the idea that a government’s only purpose is to protect life, liberty and private property. One way this is done is through an idea they call self-ownership. This is the notion that each individual owns himself, just like one who owns a piece of property. Thus, the government should have no say on what we do with ourselves.

The Occult and Satanism in AmericaIn a four-hour interview with former Satanist Zachary King, a lot was revealed about the activities and growing popularity of Satanism in America. The interview also showed that children are at a high risk of getting involved in the occult and how much the world is becoming more accepting of the devil. Far from sleeping, the devil has been awake and quite active.

Nearly 70,000 More Ask Pope to Reaffirm Church Doctrine and End Synod ImpasseAfter delivering 790,150 signatures to the Vatican Secretariat of State on September 29, the Filial Appeal Association has just handed in an additional 68,052 signatures requesting Pope Francis for a “clarifying word” as the “the only way to resolve the growing confusion amongst the faithful.”

Is It Going To Be Boring?As educators, we’ve all heard youngsters complain about one thing or another in school as being boring. But we now seem to have a lot of children in flight from what they perceive as pervasive boredom. Only within the context of a high-tech fantasyland can we maintain their interest. How has this situation come to be? As school administrators, teachers and parents, what can we do about it?

790,190 Signatures, Amongst Whom Are 202 Prelates, Beseech a Clarifying Word From the PopeROME, Italy (September 29, 2015) -- This morning the “Filial Appeal to His Holiness Pope Francis On the Future of the Family” was delivered as a result of a signature campaign in 178 countries.

The Benedict Option Without BenedictMany conservatives are facing the brutal reality of a culture that undermines their Faith and destroys their values. Not a few have made the logical comparison to the Christians facing both the Roman Empire’s decadent “establishment” and the ruthlessly aggressive ways of the barbarians who threatened to destroy what remained of civilization.

Assisted Reproductive Technology: Making Children an EntitlementThe sexual revolution drove to separate the marital act from marriage. Promiscuity for both men and women transformed mentalities almost overnight. The act of procreation was turned into an act of recreation, and the use of contraception, abortion, and sterilization ensured that pregnancy would not result from what came to be termed as “free love.” Only the outcome did not live up to the original promises.

655,000 Catholics Ask Pope to Dispel Moral Confusion at SynodCatholics are asking Pope Francis to reaffirm traditional Church teaching on marriage and family at the Synod in Rome next month. A coalition of 58 pro-family groups is promoting a worldwide petition called Filial Appeal to His Holiness Pope Francis on the Future of the Family. So far the petition has been signed by 8 cardinals, 170 bishops and more than 655,000 concerned Catholics in 160 countries.

Gender Ideology Must Be ResistedGender ideology is the latest product of the 1968 Revolution. This revolution has been determining the ideological, social and political big picture for nearly 50 years. In the course of the 1968 Revolution many “movements” came into being: the ecological movement, the feminist movement with its demands to decriminalize abortion, the homosexual movement and so on. They may seem very different, but they have a common thread: an assault on the Christian values and principles which are still respected in our society.

Stop Planned Parenthood's baby harvesting