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The Miracle on Seventh Avenue: When Planned Parenthood Apologized

When the videos exposing the dealing in baby body parts came out last year, many of us thought Planned Parenthood’s time had come. Surely, Congress and the states would act upon what appeared to be indisputable evidence of wrongdoing. Surely, the mammoth abortion provider would be defunded, and its reputation irreparably destroyed among decent people.

A friend of mine recently rejoiced because he had finally found a job after being unemployed for a few months. It was an engineering job with a good company comparable to the one he had before. However, there was one thing about the final interview that bothered him. He was asked: “What is your gender?”

I received an email from a reader asking me to republish an article I wrote about how to delete a Facebook account. The only problem is that I never wrote or posted an article on the subject. However...

Why Are College Students Using Coloring Books?The recent antics at the nation’s universities have led people to expect almost anything from academia. There are safe spaces that resemble adult playpens where students can...

List of Dignitaries who signed the Declaration of Fidelity to the Church’s Unchangeable Teaching on Marriage and to Her Uninterrupted DisciplineUntil recently, the Catholic Church remained the stronghold of true marriage and family, but errors about these two divine institutions are widespread today in Catholic circles, particularly after the Extraordinary and Ordinary Synods on the family, held in 2014 and 2015, respectively, and the publication of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia. In the face of this offensive, the undersigned feel morally obliged to declare their resolve to remain faithful to the Church’s unchangeable teachings on morals and on the Sacraments of Marriage, Reconciliation and the Eucharist, and to Her timeless and enduring discipline regarding those Sacraments.

There is a reoccurring myth in American politics that states that youth are generally extremely liberal. Conservatives are invited to write off the new generations until they mysteriously reappear later on their voter rolls when they become older, presumably after gaining experience in life.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should—What Kaepernick Doesn’t GetThe Colin Kaepernick controversy is symptomatic of our days. A major league football quarterback sits down during the national anthem as a protest. The liberals crown him a hero exercising his freedom to protest against alleged injustice

Showdown With Satanism in OklahomaOn August 15, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven, hundreds of Catholics gathered in Oklahoma City proclaiming “God Yes! Satan No!” Yielding the weapons of the prayers of the Church and accompanied by angels and the grace of God, they came to offer reparation and uphold the honor of God and His Holy Mother. For this was the day a satanic group called the Church of Ahriman, using the taxpayer-funded venue of the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall, took sacrilegious desecration to a new low.

Going Where a GPS Cannot Take You: The Joys of Map ReadingTechnology has undoubtedly improved our lives and made us all more efficient. This is most especially true with regards to navigation. With the mere touch of a button, we can find our way through the labyrinths of modern cities. If we so desire, we are able to make unplanned stops—for whatever strikes our fancy—off the original route without the worry of remembering the way back to our original path.

What Happened to Role Models?The idea of a Catholic “role model” today has been reduced to a nice person, a charity worker, a 4.0 college student, or a sports star that makes the sign of the cross. These people could very well be role models, but the idea today is very stunted. Many would acknowledge that heroes have the…

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