American Tradition, Family, Property: Fighting the Counter-Revolution

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Fighting For Our Culture

By railroading laws into the books that compel those who want to opt out of serving at same-sex “marriage” functions, activists will actually be establishing “command to sin” laws for the first time in American history.


In a monumental march held in Lima on Sunday March 22, more than half a million Peruvians gathered to demonstrate their total rejection of abortion. It was the largest march of its kind in Latin America. 

34 million Americans spend 22 hours per week, on average, playing video games. Are video games harmful in themselves? Do they tear down or elevate our culture? Should they be avoided altogether? of the main arguments proponents of same-sex “marriage” bring up is that there is no difference between children who are reared by a mother and a father, and children who are brought up by same-sex “couples.” However, this is a myth.

One current example of a counter-sign of the times is an extraordinary petition to Pope Francis I now being circulated, asking that the family be defended. 

Stop the Madness!We must face it. Homosexual child rearing is madness and we must stop the madness. If we are hesitant to resist it for the sake of logic, we should resist it for the sake of the children...

Sign this Prayerful Petition to Pope Francis to save the family Dissident Catholic pressure groups, aided by the liberal media, are feverishly working to dismantle vital Church teaching on marriage and family at the next Synod on the Family in Rome.

Sign the Prayerful Petition to Pope Francis Here


Midtown Manhattan is known the world over for being one of the busiest places on earth. At all hours, great numbers of pedestrians from around the corner and around the globe go this way and that down 5th Avenue and...

Today, the internet offers almost everything, even a marriage partner. But according to a recent study done by the University of Michigan, couples that meet online, tend to suffer from poor relationships and...

 Once again the devil has shown his ugly face in the public square. This time it happened in Oklahoma City. A blasphemous Satanic Black Mass was held on September 21st at the Oklahoma City Civic Center.