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Why Harriet Tubman Should Not Be on the Twenty Dollar BillIt was only a matter of time before the politically correct establishment took aim at the nation’s currency. It is not enough that the value of the dollar should slowly decline toward monopoly money, it must also eventually look like it as well. The staid dollar notes were just too correct to survive. They have to be changed.

Robert Reilly Deciphers Islam at the TFP Washington BureauWhat is going on in the Middle East? How did the United States go from victory in Iraq to the emergence of ISIS in such a short time? What mistakes did we make and how can we learn from them? Approximately 50 friends and supporters came to hear the answers to these questions and many more at a talk by Robert Reilly, held at the TFP Washington Bureau in McLean, Va. on Friday, April 15.

Did Cervantes Kill ChivalryFour hundred years ago, the famous Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra passed away. He has since been heralded as one of the greatest writers in the Spanish language. However, word of his death had little impact on Castilian society. No public honors or national mourning marked the funeral of this Renaissance giant.

It seems we’ve come to the point where even the notion of man and woman is enough to incite ravenous fury amongst proponents of the pro-homosexual transgender movement.

Tracing the Sordid Origins of the Culture of Death“Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” With these words, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes concluded the majority opinion in Buck vs. Bell. The Virginia law allowing the forced sterilization of the so-called “feebleminded” was upheld as constitutional. Carrie Buck, a young woman from Virginia, was ordered to be forcibly sterilized. In the decades that followed, more than 75,000 Americans would undergo the same…

The Return of the Absent ClockmakerAt a certain point in modern times, it was decided that God, the Creator of heaven and earth, should stay out of the business of running the world He created. Supposedly, men could do it much better without Him. It was decided that God would be given the title of the maker of a clock, where the clock was a great mechanical universe. As “clockmaker,” all God had to do was wind up the original clock and leave.

The Emperor Is Wearing Pajamas: The Decline of DressThe modern attitude toward dress is that it has little effect on the way people function. In fact, people are advised that the more comfortable they are, the more efficient and happy they will be. People generally respond to such advice by collectively retreating into a shabby array of blue jeans or shorts, T-shirts or sweatshirts, and sneakers. It really does not make any difference what you wear. It is all a matter of personal preference.

Why Do So Many Smart People Use Dumb Phones?Wherever you go, people are on their “smartphones.” In airports, restaurants or on the street, people are almost permanently glued to their devices, obsessed with the idea that they cannot exist without being connected to the cyber world. Thus, they text and tweet, email and Google, follow and like in an effort to be constantly present online. It has become part of a “normal” existence in today’s postmodern world.

Protesting an Immoral Show: Why It’s ImportantFifty-two brave individuals protested the “Kansas Burlesque Festival” in Topeka, Kansas on March 5th. They are brave because to stand up for what is right requires bravery. It is so much easier to talk about traditional values than it is to prove one’s convictions with actual deeds.

Five Things That Have Turned Us Into a Nation of WhinersOn campuses nationwide, students have whined about what they call “micro-aggressions.” People suffering from “micro-aggressions” are offended by tiny acts that might in some slight way, point to politically incorrect behavior. The offended student then feels free to demand changes from college administrators in a very macro-aggressive way. Such an attitude is an example of what has turned the country into a nation of whiners.

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