New York Same-Sex “Marriage”: Did Catholic Bishops “Shrink from the Fight?”

New York Same-Sex “Marriage”: Did Catholic Bishops “Shrink from the Fight?” 2

After intense lobbying and propaganda by the homosexual movement, and thanks to the earnest efforts of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and some last-minute turncoat Republicans, same-sex “marriage” was approved and signed into law in the Empire State. The Omission of Catholic Bishops Nevertheless, neither the efforts by Governor Cuomo—who takes pride … Read more

Chinese Lead Poisoning: Where Children Are Expendable

Chinese Lead Poisoning: Where Children Are Expendable 1

Back in 2007, consumers were shocked by revelations that millions of toys were tainted with paint containing excessive levels of lead. The recalled toys were made in China. The reason why the Chinese used the high-lead paint instead of the safe paint it was contracted to use was that it is often … Read more

Who Will Declare the Party’s Over

Who Will Declare the Party’s Over 2

The continuing debate over the debt ceiling and the general state of the economy raises matters of such a magnitude that we tend to be overwhelmed and confused. Perhaps the best way to address these issues is to leave the almost surreal world of multi-trillion dollar liabilities and come down to earth … Read more

A Talk with the Bronx’s Lone Marriage Supporter

A Talk with the Bronx’s Lone Marriage Supporter 2

Members of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) recently campaigned on the streets of the Bronx in favor of traditional marriage. As is our custom, our members gathered at busy intersections with signs clearly stating our position. As a means of engaging the motorists, signs ask … Read more

A Bloody Christian Spring

A Bloody Christian Spring 2

The press is full of glowing reports of the so-called Arab Spring sweeping through the Middle East. Chanting protesters demanding “democracy” are seen confronting brutal police force. It is a narrative that is accepted without question by so many in the West who want to believe a transformation is taking place. Western … Read more

The Dangers of Mushroom Democracies

The Dangers of Mushroom Democracies 2

There are those who believe that democracies are born like mushrooms. They believe popular movements suddenly pop up and form governments after years of oppressive rule under cruel dictators. The role of the West is to support these popular movements and everything will come out fine. Unfortunately such a vision seems to … Read more

2+2=5: The Case for Number Equality

There are so many politically correct causes out there that it would not surprise me that even the most basic truths might be called into question. For example, I was taught in my arithmetic class in primary school that 2+3=5 and any other answer would defeat the arithmetic purpose of counting. However, … Read more

Can’t the Pro-Life American Be Treated with Civility?

About the only thing more certain than the fact that hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans go out into the streets nationwide every January 22 is the fact that the official establishment media will ignore or belittle their efforts. As activists nationwide gather on the date of the fateful Roe v. Wade … Read more