July 19 – Staten Island, New York

After attending Holy Mass in Manhattan, we had a hardy New York style sandwich – they call them heroes here – and drove to Staten Island. Crossing the majestic Hudson River gave us something beautiful to marvel at, and rest … Continue reading

July 23 – Mineola, Long Island

Today we campaigned for traditional marriage on Long Island. The intersection we stood at was massive and the windy, rainy weather made it difficult to hold the banner and standard. The large banner acts like a sail on windy days, … Continue reading

July 17 – White Plains, New York

Downtown White Plains was a perfect location for campaign. People walked up and down the street by the Galleria shopping area and car traffic was plentiful. Our message in favor of traditional marriage reached a lot of people today. Since … Continue reading

July 16 – On the road for God’s marriage

After traditional marriage was victorious in California, the homosexual movement revved up its efforts to force same-sex “marriage” on New York and the New England states. In face of this new threat against the family, the TFP launched three caravans. … Continue reading

How the Gold Dome Tarnished

Everyone who is familiar with the beautiful campus instantly recognizes the golden dome. It scintillates in the sunlight and serves as a pedestal for a large statue of Our Lady, fittingly portrayed crushing the head of the serpent, calling to … Continue reading

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