July 29 – Long Island, New York

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Forecast for the day: rain. As you can imagine, rain can ruin a demonstration, not because we fear getting a little wet, but because our cardboard signs would fall apart.

Confiding that the Blessed Mother would somehow intercede for us and hold off the rain, we drove to the Green Acres Mall for another day defending traditional marriage. We set up our banners at the edge of a very visible traffic island near a monument honoring America’s fallen heroes killed during the Vietnam War.

“Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”

Right away, people reacted. First, a black man rolled down his car window and pointed out a contradiction: “Some people say God bless America, but think it’s ok for two men to marry each other. God doesn’t bless that. He punishes that like Sodom and Gomorra.”

July 29 - Long Island, New York

Another, riding past on a bicycle, added: “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. You are fighting for a worthy cause.” The “Adam and Eve…” line is something we hear all the time.

At the red light, a woman in her car thanked us, then pointed to her baby in the back seat, saying: “Two men or two women cannot have children.”


Well into the campaign, a middle aged man dressed in black approached. He had many tattoos. One was explicitly satanic: a devil face on one of his triceps. With long black greasy hair, ear piercings, and a black backpack with foul language written on it, he wore spiked bracelets and chains and looked exasperated at our campaign. He glared at TFP volunteer Anthony Consoli and spit on the floor in front of him.

Policeman in the deli

Time for a lunch break. New York City is full of little deli shops. We found one and thoroughly enjoyed some delicious hero sandwiches. While we were there, a policeman also strolled into the deli shop for lunch. “Were you the guys making all that noise out there?” he asked in a thick New York accent. He was referring to all the cars and trucks honking for traditional marriage.

For the second part of the day we set up at a traffic intersection by a mall in Massapequa. In a very short period of time, three police cars arrived. The lieutenant told us the demonstration was considered “unlawful assembly,” and therefore, we had to walk around in circles, and not remain stationary. The instructions seemed a bit silly, but we complied with them, and the honks continued all the same.


Flying projectiles

Unfortunately, rational debates are not the norm. In fact, those who support same-sex “marriage” frequently respond with flying projectiles; for example, drinks. This time, from a moving sedan, a coke can came soaring through the air. It missed us completely and hit a car waiting at the light. Moments later, a man on foot approached from behind and threw a super-sized plastic soft drink at us. It missed our volunteers by inches and smashed into another car waiting at the intersection. The perpetrator then fled as fast as his legs could run to a getaway car in the parking lot, but finding a TFP photographer nearby, fled into Kohl’s. The getaway car sped away. However, two helpful police officers asked us for the car’s plate numbers, assuring us they would take care of the problem.


Although rain was predicted, it did not shower today. Our Lady answered our prayers for good weather.

Please continue praying for us in New York City.

From the mailbox:

Holy Hour for Caravans

Thank you very much for this update. I am very sorry to hear that the courageous young men that take part of the St. Joseph Caravans, at times, are being harassed.

Please be assured that our prayers are with you and with all of the boys. Every Monday night at 10 p.m., time in which Ralph ( my husband ) and I visit the Blessed Sacrament for one hour, we will light a candle which will burn in front of the Blessed Sacrament. We will ask Almighty God for the special needs and protection of all involved in these caravans.

May our Lord and the Blessed Mother keep all of you under Their special love and care.

“It is the era of modern martyrs”

You and all those in the caravans ARE in the prayers of the Sisters of St. Joseph. It is the era of modern martyrs. Otherwise our faith is hollow. People who share our belief in the institution of the sacrament of matrimony (marriage) will begin to speak out with you. Don’t give up. It has never occurred to many young people that they should speak up, but the WILL follow you.

Sister E.

P.S. This nation is hungry for those who live their faith. It will make Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy and a few others aware of what it means to be true to Christ. God bless you.

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