July 23 – Mineola, Long Island

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Today we campaigned for traditional marriage on Long Island. The intersection we stood at was massive and the windy, rainy weather made it difficult to hold the banner and standard. The large banner acts like a sail on windy days, but our volunteers welcome the challenge. Some cars, while waiting at the light, honked in patterns which prompted other drivers to honk in chorus, responding to the same tempo of the first car yet on a different pitch. In this way, the drivers who support true marriage communicate.

“Where are all the women?” asked a woman who did not appear to be very pleased with the campaign. “You’re welcome to join us,” responded one my TFP colleagues. “However, I think I should tell you that we’ve been physically assaulted several times by pro-homosexual advocates. It’s not safe for ladies to be here.” The woman was a bit shocked and said: “That’s kind of chauvinist, but I agree with you.”

July 23 - Mineola, Long Island

Two men approached Mr. Cesar Franco and jokingly said they were homosexuals. Mr. Franco told them he did not think their comment was funny and mentioned that, according to Catholic teaching, homosexual vice is a mortal sin. Everyone on the sidewalk went silent for a moment and a African American lady who was listening to the exchange started nodding in agreement with Mr. Franco.

We met a Catholic priest who is familiar with the TFP’s America Needs Fatima campaign and he encouraged us to continue the good fight. “I don’t know if you realize it,” he said, “but the more society decays, the more important your work is.”

Please keep the prayers coming.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

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