Professor FIRED for Being Catholic

Shocking News: The University of Illinois fires professor for articulating Catholic moral teaching – Register your urgent protest here: Your voice can make a HUGE difference in this case. Please join TFP Student Action in urging the president of the … Continue reading

If Architecture Could Speak at Yale

Data Without Wisdom Most of the architecture at Yale University is strikingly similar to the hallowed halls of ancient European universities such as Oxford or Cambridge. Much of its Gothic Revival or Georgian style buildings are simply awe-inspiring, providing an … Continue reading

University Cancels Corpus Christi Blasphemy

TFP Student Action is glad to announce that Tarleton State University finally pulled the plug on Corpus Christi. Thank God, our prayers were answered. The blasphemous play, which portrays Our Lord and the Apostles as homosexuals, was scheduled to perform … Continue reading

July 29 – Long Island, New York

Forecast for the day: rain. As you can imagine, rain can ruin a demonstration, not because we fear getting a little wet, but because our cardboard signs would fall apart. Confiding that the Blessed Mother would somehow intercede for us … Continue reading

July 28 – Staten Island, New York

“We’re with you. We’ve been married fifty-three years,” said a cheerful husband and wife as they passed by. To give you an idea how much the average American on the street supports traditional marriage, whenever we go from one place … Continue reading

July 27 – Greetings from the Bronx!

Greetings from the Bronx. It was both sunny and rainy throughout the day in the Bronx, where we campaign for traditional marriage near the courthouse building on Grand Concourse Ave., a street known as the Champs-Élysées of the Bronx. It … Continue reading

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