Pro-Homosexual Group Pressures PayPal to Cut Services to TFP

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The pro-homosexual activist group “All Out” launched a petition asking PayPal to “put hate out of business” by closing the accounts of pro-family organizations, including the American TFP. Apparently, traditional marriage between one man and one woman is now being deemed “hateful” by those who wish to redefine God-ordained marriage.

“All Out” claims to have collected 35,000 signatures, many of which are from foreign countries. View the petition here.

Rather than debate the issue on its merits, calmly and rationally, the homosexual movement is attempting to cut funding and silence those who uphold God’s law and natural law. How tolerant is that? “All Out” seems to be doing the very thing they are protesting against. Please contact Paypal here and here and tell them not to cancel the accounts of peaceful, law-abiding organizations simply for defending moral values and the traditional definition of marriage. has created its own online petition at, which states: “I protest the attack by homosexual organizations on Christian activists Julio Severo, Americans for Truth About Homosexualty (AFTAH), and Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP). I encourage PayPal to affirm the right of pro-family organizations to use its service and to reject attacks on the Christian faith and other religions that uphold sexual morality and defend family values.”

TFP is currently receiving donations through PayPal. Those who wish to support the work of the TFP with a gift may do so here.

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