July 30 – Jamaica and Mt. Kisco, New York

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Will the video camera survive?
It looks like we will need to get a new video camera. The one we currently have has suffered a number of harsh blows by pro-homosexual advocates. The viewing screen no longer works. If you remember, it was hit by a woman who assaulted Mr. Michael Shibler in White Plains, New York.

When I turn the camera on, the screen only displays waving streaks of blurry lines, but no image. Mr. Shibler tried to repair the camera but was not successful. So, if you feel inspired to contribute towards a new camera, please let me know at [email protected] or call 717-495-5427 ext. 229. The video camera we have runs about $800.00.

The camera is important not only to document the campaigns for traditional marriage, but also as a security measure, should someone try to cause harm to the TFP volunteers.
The word is spreading all over New York
Standing on the street corners of every major New York city for traditional marriage is having an impact. It is not something that can be easily ignored and it reassures many Americans that they are not alone in the struggle to preserve traditional family values. “Are you the same group that was demonstrating in Albany just recently?” asked a gentleman driving past the busy intersection. “Yes, sir,” was the answer and the gentleman drove away honking with a big smile.

Reporting from downtown Jamaica
“Right on, brother! Keep up the good work!” was how one passerby responded to the signs and banners displayed by TFP volunteers today in downtown Jamaica, New York. On Jamaica Ave., you find lots of small businesses all hawking their goods, with merchandise spilling out onto the sidewalks, storeowners yelling their enticing “free” offers, and plenty of people walking to and fro; indeed, an excellent location to promote traditional marriage.


“Are you the same group that held signs yesterday?” asked a gentleman who had seen us on the streets earlier. “Well, when I passed,” he explained, “I wanted to support you but my girlfriend was in the car and she didn’t like you, so we had a big fight.”

After receiving a TFP flier, a storeowner from Nigeria said: “Give me a few more and I’ll send them back to Nigeria where my people are.”

“You should do this all over New York”
The campaign was a bit slow until two ladies arrived and started clapping in support of traditional marriage, shouting “yes” repeated times in a very lively manner. Their enthusiasm spurred everyone within earshot to ask if they too could receive a copy of the TFP flier. “You should do this all over New York,” said one of the ladies, not aware that the TFP caravans are blanketing the entire Empire State with the pro-traditional marriage message.

Many storeowners in this area stand at the entrance of their establishments, watching business. One such owner approached a TFP volunteer and said: “AIDS is a chastisement for the sin of homosexuality.”

On another occasion, someone on the street said: “homosexuality is natural.” Hearing this, a pedestrian responded: “Don’t even bring up homosexuality with me, bro. You don’t need theology to know that homosexuality is wrong. It’s common sense.” End of discussion.

Mount Kisco, New York

Mount Kisco is a fairly small, affluent town in Westchester County. Yet, all the small town silence vanished when our “honk for traditional marriage: 1 man + 1 woman” signs went up. A young man on the sidewalk said: “Same-sex ‘marriage’ will never fly in New York. Maybe in Vermont, but not in New York.” I asked him if he wouldn’t mind being interviewed, and he instantly clammed up. “If my employer finds out… I don’t know… I’d rather not, but I support you all the way.” In so many words, he let me know that he did not wish to lose his job for supporting traditional marriage. I believe him, because some shopowners were beside themselves seeing so many cars honking.

Fourteen-year-old relativist
A fourteen-year-old boy stopped near our banner to defend homosexuality. He first affirmed that homosexuality is genetic. When a TFP volunteer explained that there is no scientific proof to his claim and that studies indicate the opposite conclusion, he shifted the debate and said moral behavior is subjective: “There is no right and wrong.” I tried another tack. “Do you agree that things have a purpose?” I asked. “Well, yes,” replied the boy. So far, so good. “The instinct of procreation has a purpose and homosexuality frustrates that purpose. For example, our hearing allows us to listen. Now, if I put a banana in my ear, would I be doing a good thing or a harmful thing?” The boy started to squirm: “Well, it depends.” And so the discussion continued, yet the boy would not relinquish his attachment to radical relativism.

“They have courage”
Almost for the entire duration of the campaign, a pro-homosexual activist posted himself next to our banner, provoking, mocking and harassing TFP volunteers. Constantly speaking on his cell phone, he attempted to gather his friends and stage a counter-demonstration. But nobody came. We overheard one of his cell phone conversations in which he said: “You got to give it to them. They have courage to be out here. They are self-confident.” The only other hostile comment was made by a person who made a lightening appearance for about two minutes with a sign that read: “Honk if you hate them,” (TFP volunteers). After a very short period, he left the area and never returned.


The day belonged to Our Lady and the cause of traditional marriage.

May Saint Joseph help us to continue proclaiming the truth on the streets of New York and please continue to pray for us. Your prayers are most appreciated.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

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How to Support the Caravan
If you want to help protect the sacred institution of marriage, please consider filling our van’s gas tank with fuel and keep us on the road for traditional marriage.


If you would like to make your contribution by mail, please send a check payable to The American TFP and mail it to:


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