July 21 – Downtown Brooklyn, New York

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Under a light and steady drizzle, we demonstrated today at a very busy place in Brooklyn. We left the banner in the van because it’s not completely water proof and we did not want the letters to run.

Wake up Brooklyn

In Brooklyn, you meet people from many different countries and backgrounds. You hear many languages being spoken. And everyone on the sidewalk is rushing wherever they need to go and seem to ignore whatever is happening on the street. During the campaign, for example, a woman collapsed on the sidewalk on the opposite side of street. She had a heart attack or something serious. Although an ambulance came quickly, people in the vicinity continued on their way, as if it was part of the daily routine. There was not much we could do except say a prayer for her.
July 21 - Downtown Brooklyn, New York

On several occasions, however, after passersby read our signs or heard our slogans, they would wake up, as it were, and ask: “Did I hear you say for traditional marriage?” What happened frequently was this: people walked past us, but after walking a few yards, retraced their steps and returned for a copy of our flier.

Various Reactions

One passerby took a copy of our flier, nodded in agreement, and said: “The Jews are with you.” Not too far away, an African American in a pin-stripped suit paused to make a point, not minding the drizzle: “The world is crazy. Not only is same-sex ‘marriage’ going to destroy the family, it’s going to destroy our country. I’ve noticed how young boys are less manly these days. And who will fight for our country in time of war if more and more boys are acting like girls?” He shook the TFP volunteer’s hand with a firm grip and said: “Keep it up and God bless you!”

“I give you guys a lot of credit. I was wondering when someone was going to stand up for this,” said another.

Yet another said, “You know the world is crazy when people are confusing the kids about marriage and at the same time treating pets like children.”

A man wearing a pentagram and upside down cross came by and said: “If you follow God’s law, you become His slave.” Mr. Peter Miller replied: “It’s better to be God’s slave then to be a slave of the devil.”

Another comment: “Why aren’t you and people like you in the media?”

Here’s a list of things people say when they see us on campaign:

You got it boss.

Don’t let up.

That’s right.

Right on.

I’m with you.

That’s the only way.

Great job.

Keep it up.

God bless!

All of the TFP volunteers on this caravan thank you for your prayers. Without your prayers and support, and above all the protection of Our Lady and Saint Joseph, this campaign would be impossible.

Until tomorrow, best regards from Brooklyn, New York.

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How to Support the Caravan
If you want to help protect the sacred institution of marriage, please consider filling our van’s gas tank with fuel and keep us on the road for traditional marriage.

If you would like to make your contribution by mail, please send a check payable to The American TFP and mail it to:

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