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Focus on History

The Clash Between Two CitiesHistorians and public commentators are increasingly seeing the tension and turmoil in a world not divided by nation-states anymore, but by other discords: sometimes called the clash of civilizations…

The Foreboding Appearance of Something Going Very WrongThe end of the Western Roman Empire occurred not as the barbarians began to pour through the frontier defenses, but at least a century earlier when softness and decay attacked the entire social fabric. Factors suggest a moral decay that ate away the foundations of social and family life.

The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was on board the royal galley commanded by Don John of Austria during the Battle of Lepanto, has been discovered.


A Monument Raised From a Ruin, an Institution From a CustomOne great success never before seen by mankind prevails: it is a second creation worked by the Church. During the Middle Ages...

The Catholic Spirit of Cristopher ColumbusAs the sun set, the Salve Regina hymn rang out across the Atlantic. Ninety men stood on the decks of three boats, led in prayer by Christopher Columbus...

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