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Catholic Perspective

Why We Must Oppose the Satanic OffensiveIn this age of complete relativism, some uphold the “right” to practice any aberration not only in the moral order but also in the spiritual sphere. Thus, they advocate the supposed “right” of atheists and unbelievers—and even Satan worshipers!—to ostensibly display their hatred of Christianity.

Pope Francis’ Symbolic Gesture Commemorating Heretic LutherSymbolic acts and gestures often have a greater persuasive power than words and reasoning, though one completes the other. This is why the Divine Savior constantly used both symbolic gestures and employed metaphors and parables. This is also why the Church has always surrounded herself with symbols to make visible the beauty of her doctrine, the sacredness of her liturgy, and the dignity and authority of her hierarchs.

Courage, Play the ManReligious persecution is a frequent topic of discussion in our country and for good reason. The mere mention of Kim Davis or the Little Sisters of the Poor, is sufficient to conjure up images of a heavy-handed bureaucracy and unjust laws that brook no restraint. Upholding one’s Christian beliefs on polarizing issues such as evolution, global warming, “gender identity” and most especially homosexual “marriage,” can today destroy a man’s career, ruin his business, and perhaps worst of all, make him a social outcast.

Commemorating the Prince of Peace with the Sword He Brought to EarthOn Christmas Eve, as we commemorate the most important and glorious event in the history of mankind — the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word and our Redeemer — a small Satanist group staged a sacrilegious act in front of the Catholic St. Joseph Old Cathedral in Oklahoma City by spilling costume blood over a statue of Our Lady.

Exhortation to Catholic Men: Engage in the Fight, Step Into the BreachWe are immersed in a cultural war that is destroying the most sacred foundations of our civilization and increasingly plunging the world into chaos and violence. In this context, it is important that Catholics, following the path of their ancestors, abandon self-indulgence and to engage in the fight mindful of the promises made at baptism and of having become soldiers of Christ by Confirmation. They need to launch forth “into the breach.” is Christmas and we all think back on Christmases past not without a bit of nostalgia for what the feast represents. We think back on Christmas trees, manger scenes and midnight Masses. We recall family dinners, marveling children and Christmas carols. Such memories fill us with joys in a brutal world ever more joyless.

Four Strategies Satan Uses Against Christian OrderA Christian order presupposes that we believe in Christ and His law. As a result, Christians organize all society in function of this law, and from this comes order and peace. A Christian society also presupposes a fight against evil and all those threats that attack the good order of society. When a society upholds the law of God and rejects evil in all its manifestations, there are all the elements for progress and sanctification.

A Confused, Upside Down “Synodal Church”After the most disparate news about the 2015 Synod on the Family, the event ended with an ambiguous document which allows an interpretation contradictory to Catholic doctrine, opening the doors for Communion for the divorced and civilly “remarried” (in fact, adulterers). Pope Francis’ final speech further increased the confusion by stating that the Synod was not about…

The Conversion of Alphonse RatisbonneAlphonse was intelligent and well mannered, had already finished his law degree and was engaged to a young Jewess, his niece. He was twenty-seven years old and, before marrying, he wanted to travel on holiday to Italy and the East. Upon his return, he planned to marry and take on his responsibilities in his family’s banking business. God, however, had other plans for him in Rome.

Relics of Saint Maria Goretti to Visit Eastern United StatesThe visit of Saint Maria Goretti’s sacred relics to the United States could not come at a more urgent time. America is saturated with the vice of impurity in just about every institution: social, religious, cultural, governmental, educational and tragically, even familial. Saint Maria Goretti is a great saint and inspiring model for purity, and could also be called the patroness of moral absolutes.

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