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America’s Fatima Future: How a Return to Order Can Make It HappenIn making a connection between Our Lady of Fatima and an urgent need for a return to order, we need to look at the Fatima record. Almost one hundred years have passed since the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima in 1917. For those of us who are familiar with them, we cannot help but be impressed. Everything Our Lady said would happen has indeed happened. We have seen world wars, conflicts, persecutions and the spreading of the errors of Russia throughout the world. We can also look at the present and easily see how the Fatima message…

Saint John Francis Regis: The Saint for Father’s DaySaint John Francis Regis was born in the village of Fontcouverte, in the southern province of Aude, France. His parents watched with Christian solicitude over the early education of their son, and young John Francis’ sole fear was to displease his parents or his tutors. At the age of fourteen, he was sent to continue his studies with the Jesuits. His conduct was exemplary and he was much given to practices of devotion, while his good humor, frankness, and eagerness to oblige everybody soon won for him the good-will of his comrades. Burning with the desire to devote himself entirely to the salvation of his neighbor, he aspired with all his heart to the priesthood. In this spirit he began…

True Charity Toward Wayward BrethernCatholic doctrine tells us that the primary duty of charity does not lie in the toleration of false ideas, however sincere they may be, nor in the theoretical or practical indifference towards the errors and vices in which we see our brethren plunged, but in the zeal for their intellectual and moral improvement as well as for their material well-being.

Rediscovering the Ideal Healthcare PlanThere is a prevailing idea that health care plans are necessarily complex and expensive schemes. There was, however, an ideal health care plan in the distant past that was amazingly simple. The plan did not list its benefits, clinical metrics or financial data. The main emphasis of this plan was not so much on a plan but care and the health of both body and soul.

The Angel of Portugal: 100 Years LaterThe year 2016 marks the centennial of the Apparitions of the Angel of Portugal to Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. On three occasions in 1916, the three children were visited by this celestial messenger and profoundly transformed as a result.

New Eucharistic Miracle: Polish Doctors Say Host is Human TissueIn February 2014, a Host fragment appearing to be bloody tissue was removed from the consecrated Host and placed on a corporal. Samples of this tissue were then taken to be analyzed in laboratories of various forensic institutes. The final statement by doctors of Legnica’s Department of Forensic Medicine concluded that the genetic research indicated the human origin of the tissue, and that “in the fragments of tissue have been found…the fragmented parts of the cross striated muscle…most similar to the heart muscle with alterations that often appear during the agony.”

Because of Its Grave Errors Amoris Laetitia Should Be RejectedSince the family is the basic cell of society, when it is in crisis, all of society is dragged down with it. Today, the family is shaken above all by the crumbling certainty in marriage’s indissolubility, and the role this indissolubility plays in family life and in the education of children. The evil fruits of the family crisis are the staggering numbers of those who divorce, downgrading their sacred marriages into temporary living arrangements.

Who Does Not Pray Is a TraitorAll too often people have a wrong perspective on prayer. They think that by asking for things in prayer, they are pestering God who does not look kindly upon their petitions. Such an attitude is completely wrong since we need prayer if we are to obtain heaven. If God wishes our salvation even more than we ourselves, then it is logical that he welcomes our prayers and petitions that bring us closer to Him.

Acts, Gestures, Attitudes and Omissions Can Characterize a HereticThe American TFP has just launched a book containing a collection of studies by a great expert on the Church’s Magisterium, Mr. Arnaldo Vidigal Xavier da Silveira. The book is titled Can Documents of the Magisterium of the Church Contain Errors? One section of the book examines the important question: can gestures, attitudes and omissions characterize a heretic? It is a study of great importance since Saint Pius X, in his Encyclical…

Five Considerations in Face of a Fight that Seems DisproportionalSo many times, people become discouraged by all the trials and obstacles they face. The struggle to lead a life of Catholic virtue seems huge and disproportional. This is especially true of our neo-pagan world where all sorts of vice and temptations constantly appear before us.

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