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Catholic Perspective

The Conversion of Alphonse RatisbonneAlphonse was intelligent and well mannered, had already finished his law degree and was engaged to a young Jewess, his niece. He was twenty-seven years old and, before marrying, he wanted to travel on holiday to Italy and the East. Upon his return, he planned to marry and take on his responsibilities in his family’s banking business. God, however, had other plans for him in Rome.

Relics of Saint Maria Goretti to Visit Eastern United StatesThe visit of Saint Maria Goretti’s sacred relics to the United States could not come at a more urgent time. America is saturated with the vice of impurity in just about every institution: social, religious, cultural, governmental, educational and tragically, even familial. Saint Maria Goretti is a great saint and inspiring model for purity, and could also be called the patroness of moral absolutes.

Saint John Bosco: Spiritual Activity Is More Important than Merely Material AssistanceSaint John Bosco grew up in a poor household, but one sanctified by a spirit of selflessness and sacrifice. This helped form him not only into a physically very strong young man, but into the spiritual warrior who fought the enemies of his time. No one better understood the need for Catholic works of mercy than he. However Don Bosco consecrated most of his days and his nights to writing. Both with pen and word he was able to serve the Church, combat error, and comfort souls.

Prelates Speak Out In Video About SynodThe Polish magazine, Polonia Christiana has just released an explosive documentary about the upcoming Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Rome on October 4-25. Titled “Crisis: Where Will the Synod Lead Us?”, the film focuses on the extent of the crisis in the Church in face of the synod, and features interviews with Raymond Cardinal Burke, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga.

Saint John Bosco and the Column to the Immaculate Conception, Built by Blessed Pope Pius IXThe proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception is one of the most remarkable events in Church history. A superb column erected by Blessed Pius IX in Piazza di Spagna, in central Rome, forever memorialized this declaration that so glorified Mary.

The Archbishop of Mexico Responds to the Demands of a ‘Transsexual’The Archbishop Primate of Mexico, Norberto Cardinal Rivera Carrera has responded to a transsexual’s demands on the Church’s position regarding issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage and gender ideology. “First of all, I disagree with you that the approval of some laws is for the benefit of the population; murdering a baby...”

What Napoleon Thought About Holy CommunionWhen we are caught up in the frenetic intemperance of our times, it would be good to stop a moment and reflect on those things that really matter. This is especially true of our Catholic Faith. All too often, we do not fully appreciate what our Faith has to offer.

The “Communist Crucifix”: Are Socialism and Catholicism No Longer “Contradictory Terms”?The disconcertment caused by the Pope’s symbolic gesture of accepting the communist crucifix medallion and sculpture was made even worse by the explanations he gave journalists…

“There Is No Moral Virtue in Being Wrong” — Interview with Dr. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance on the Encyclical Laudato SiDr. Calvin Beisner, of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, tells of the importance of promoting the Christian view on the environment and Climate Change, versus the atheism and pantheism that dominate the movement. “Much of the debate over environmental stewardship is rooted in a clash of worldviews, with conflicting doctrines of God, creation, humanity, sin, and salvation.”

405,000 Send Filial Appeal to the Pope405,000 people, including 104 prelates -- cardinals, archbishops and bishops -- have so far signed the “Filial Petition” to His Holiness Pope Francis asking for...

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