A Call to Reject The Da Vinci Code

A Call to Reject The Da Vinci Code 2

Few things merit more rejection than affirming that which is not true. Such an act offends the object of the attack and betrays the trust of those who hear it. The gravity of the offense is magnified when the object is Christ and His Church and the audience is the readership of … Read more

Rejecting a Blasphemous Novel

Rejecting a Blasphemous Novel

TFP Student Action visited Gettysburg College, October 17. What was the issue of the day? A campaign against Dan Brown’s blasphemous book, The Da Vinci Code, and Columbia Pictures’ plan to turn it into a movie. TFP volunteers were ready to go as their van rolled into historic Gettysburg at 9:45 a.m. … Read more

TFP to Columbia Pictures: Release the Script!

TFP to Columbia Pictures: Release the Script! 2

While The Da Vinci Code book is a nationwide bestseller with plenty of publicity, not much is known about the film version of the novel. In a measure that appears to avoid controversy, the movie company is keeping the movie script under wraps. The last news update on the film’s web site … Read more

Students say NO to The Da Vinci Code

Students say NO to The Da Vinci Code 1

Members of TFP Student Action and St. Louis de Montfort Academy passed out flyers and collected signatures at Penn State University at State College on Monday, September 12, protesting The Da Vinci Code book and Hollywood’s plans to make it into a movie The Da Vinci Code thriller is a blasphemous distortion … Read more

Feeling the Heat

Feeling the Heat

Random House Refuses TFP Permission to Quote The Da Vinci Code When the American TFP petitioned Random House, Inc. for permission to quote The Da Vinci Code in its upcoming book, it expected the response to be entirely pro forma. After all, academic discussion and free exchange of ideas should be esteemed … Read more

Because Our Lord Deserves It

You never know what to expect on college campuses these days. Just after members of TFP Student Action set up their banners, said a prayer and started passing out literature at Millersville University, a visibly angry student with twitching face muscles began: “Why should you care? I love The Da Vinci Code. … Read more

Stop The Da Vinci Code!

The book, The Da Vinci Code, is bad enough. However, now this bestseller is soon to be made into a major movie by Columbia Pictures. To combat the movie before it hits the screens, the America Needs Fatima campaign is asking its supporters to join together and send hundreds of thousands of … Read more