Catholics Mobilize for Huge Protest Against Black Mass in Houston

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Catholics Mobilize for Huge Protest Against Black Mass in Houston
Catholics Mobilize for Huge Protest Against Black Mass in Houston

This is something big,” said one Catholic protester, “I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

He was not the only one to sense that something very important was happening. A great clash was taking place in the heavens. The atmosphere was charged with prayers of reparation and petition against a blasphemous Black Mass in Houston. The forces of evil also seemed unleashed, creating great tension.

Despite the short notice, indignant Catholics mobilized. Near the site of the blasphemy,  protesters just kept coming and coming. Soon they lined the sidewalk and spread out along the street until they appeared like an overwhelming force of nearly 150 prayer warriors. A statue of Our Lady of Fatima presided as the queen of the event.  On the other side of the street, some ten lone counter-protesters shouting defiance.

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“We seemed to be hundreds,” said one participant. “I felt the special protection of heaven as we prayed.”

The object of the protest could not have been more terrible. At Houston’s Brash Brewery, pro-abortion Satanists of the Satanic Temple joined with the brewery to co-sponsor an “evening with the beast,” which ended with a public Black Mass. The promoters made every effort to offend promising “excellent blasphemy”  and a new line of “Black Masses” beer.

TFP-Texas Vice President Celso Costa, leads the rosary of reparation.

The November 23 protest was organized jointly by Tradition, Family, Property—Texas, and the American Society for the Defense of Tradition Family and Property. The latter’s university outreach program, TFP Student Action, circulated a  petition asking Brash Brewing Company to cancel this “direct attack against God.” Local TFP-Texas supporters Hector and Elvia Leyva joined with America Needs Fatima Rosary Rally captain Karen Pomes in organizing the late afternoon rally of reparation and protest near the brewery. The mother and brother of the owner of the brewery were at the TFP protest and attended the Mass of reparation celebrated that evening. They are not even Catholic but grieved over the sin being promoted by a family member.

“I have never seen Catholics pray with such fervor during a protest,” reported TFP-Texas Vice President Celso Costa, who led the rosary of reparation. “Everyone was serious and focused upon rejecting the abomination that was to take place.”

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Those on the street were not the only ones participating in the acts of reparation and protest. Several convents of nuns agreed to pray for those at the rally.  Annunciation Catholic Parish and Regina Caeli Parish in Houston held  Holy Hours of Reparation and rosaries from 11 p.m. through 1:00 a.m., the time scheduled for the Satanic event. Three other parishes also held adoration and prayer vigils. Hundreds of Catholics attended these services with devotion and ardor.

At the time of the actual blasphemy, TFP members joined a group of twenty students in front of the brewery for rosaries of reparation. Nothing could diminish the fervor and zeal of these university-age men who made their strong manly voices heard in the early morning hours.

“I don’t think they expected such a large turnout.” Elvia Leyva said. “I only wish we would have had more time to organize something much bigger.”

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The Satanic event was designed to offend Catholics. The organizers sold 50 so-called “Cult” tickets for $666, which gave the purchaser admission to the Black Mass and a black robe for the ritual. A Black Mass usually involves the hideous desecration of a consecrated host. The Satanic Temple’s Houston branch tweeted that a consecrated host was “defiled, destroyed and swept into the trash where it belongs.”

Whenever Catholics mobilize against these events, they expose them as expressions of hatred toward God and the Catholic Church. Businesses, institutions and individuals have withdrawn sponsorship. At times, Satanists have canceled their events.  As happened in Houston, the Satanists are forced to announce their events at short notice to get in under the radar.

The massive protest of faithful Catholics is the best way to prevent Satanism from entering the mainstream of American life. If Catholics resist, the Blessed Mother will bless their efforts. Houston knows this is true: the nearby Church of Lucifer closed its doors in 2017 after a TFP protest in which Catholics took a stand and prayed.

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