The American TFP has been combating public blasphemy and sacrilege since 1978. In that year, it’s first public protest wasagainst a Planned Parenthoodpamphlet which contained a horrible caricature of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A crowd of 1,500 Catholics gathered in front of Planned Parenthood’s offices in New York and Planned Parenthood issued an official letter of apology. From that time, the TFP has organized dozens of protests against blasphemies involving art exhibits, plays, movies, cartoons and books. In recent years, the TFP has organized rallies in reparation for satanic black masses performed in Oklahoma and blasphemous Broadway shows and art exhibits in New York City.

Protest Corpus Christi in Nebraska!

When Terrence McNally’s work Corpus Christi shows at the University of Nebraska’s Studio Theatre on December 1-3, it will generate plenty of controversy and negative publicity. Wherever it is staged, the blasphemous play, which portrays Our Lord Jesus Christ and … Continue reading

Rejecting the Da Vinci Code in the Midwest

As part of campaign against Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is holding promotional talks for its new book. During the November 4-6 weekend, American TFP Vice President … Continue reading

Full Frontal- Fully Offensive

When art is offensive, it is only natural that those offended protest – all have the right to speak out freely. And yet it is ironic that those “artists” that produce such works protest when people protest. They even cite … Continue reading

A Call to Reject The Da Vinci Code

Few things merit more rejection than affirming that which is not true. Such an act offends the object of the attack and betrays the trust of those who hear it. The gravity of the offense is magnified when the object … Continue reading

Margaret Starbird Protest

On Sunday, October 16, protesters gathered outside Unity Village in Lee’s Summit, Missouri where “Gnostic fiction historian” Margaret Starbird spoke about a Saint Mary Magdalene quite different from that of Church tradition. Ms. Starbird is cited as a significant influence … Continue reading

Because Our Lord Deserves It

You never know what to expect on college campuses these days. Just after members of TFP Student Action set up their banners, said a prayer and started passing out literature at Millersville University, a visibly angry student with twitching face … Continue reading

Feeling the Heat

When the American TFP petitioned Random House, Inc. for permission to quote The Da Vinci Code in its upcoming book, it expected the response to be entirely pro forma. After all, academic discussion and free exchange of ideas should be … Continue reading

Stop The Da Vinci Code!

The book, The Da Vinci Code, is bad enough. However, now this bestseller is soon to be made into a major movie by Columbia Pictures. To combat the movie before it hits the screens, the America Needs Fatima campaign is … Continue reading

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